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Soriano on "Nationals On-Deck"

Alfonso Soriano just spent a couple minutes as Charlies Slowes' guest on the radio pre-game show. I tried to transcribe the interview as quickly and accurately as possible, but it's a difficult chore. I never realized just how fast Soriano speaks. (On the other hand, while he speaks English pretty well, he repeats comfortable phrases.) Thus, any errors or inaccuracies are mine and mine alone:

Slowes: What a tremendous day. After all of the build-up, the team showed its commitment to you and didn't pull the trigger on a deal. How did you react to this?

Soriano: I'm so excited and happy. This is my best day in this uniform. I'll be staying with friends and my team. This is very important to me.

Slowes: What was it like waiting all of this out? Did Jim Bowden or Stan Kasten call you to let you know, or to keep you informed?

Soriano: I had a feeling when I woke up this morning, when I turned on the TV. They called up and said we love you, Alfonso, and we want you to stay here. That was very important for the team and for me.

Slowes: What kind of reception did the team give you when they found out? I heard it was very enthusiastic. How did that make you feel?

Soriano: It makes me feel very special. My teammates love me, and I love them. They know me inside on the inside and know how I play.

Slowes: Kasten and Bowden said they'd like to sign and build around you. That must make you feel very good about yourself.

Soriano: It makes me feel happy. That would be great for me and for the city. I love the team and I love the city.

Slowes: You've said before that you just want to play baseball for rest of year and not worry about the contract situation. But if something is placed on the table by Kasten and Bowden, could it get done before end of year? Would you sign?

Soriano: Maybe. Maybe. But it's important for me to enjoy the last two months of season with nothing on my mind. Just to play baseball and enjoy it.

Slowes: The most hectic part of the year must now be over. You have to have some peace of mind.

Soriano: Definitely!

Slowes: And it is a huge statement on part of the club not to make the deal and to say they want you to be here.

Soriano: Yeah, it is. I'm happy and excited. I love the city and my teammates. I have a lot of respect for this team and the National League. [editor's note, by Basil] I couldn't really tell what Soriano was saying here---whether he'd be more inclined to sign with a National League team or something else.

Slowes: So many fans pleaded for you not to leave when you were welcoming them at the gate during the Grand Re-Opening Weekend. What did that feel like? They really love you in DC!

Soriano: I can't wait to go home and play first game since now. Before the fans. It will be fun. I can't wait.

Like I said, I did the best I could. As you might expect, Soriano did not provide anything too revealing. I do believe him when he says he loves his teammates and the city. On the other hand, people part with things they love all the time. Baseball is a business, as the cliche goes, and simple emotion often does not carry the day.

At any rate, I can assure you that Chuck Slowes was one happy guy, too.

Update [2006-7-31 23:20:40 by Basil]: Bonus quote from Bodes, on right now with Chuck and Dave2.0:

Good news. We didn't make a bad trade at the deadline. In fact, we made no trades. And that's better than a bad trade.

Bodesian logic!