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Where betting is the allure and teh 'roids are rampant (but it's not cool to assail them for it)

I haven't done a football post in quite awhile, but it's an off-day, and the pigskin is on my mind. For one thing, there is the story of your predictably 'roided up 2003-04 NFC Champion Carolina Panthers and their sugar daddy, Dr. James Shortt. In yet another riveting episode of Basil Pointing Out Other People's Weird Names, I note that Shortt's an extra "t" in there. Oh, and he looks like Dick Cheney's less male-pattern-balded cousin:

Anyway, there's also this bizarro story involving Daniel Snyder and, of all people, Tom Cruise. Save me, Tom Cruise, indeed.

Which leads me to my point, assuming I have one. Yes, there it is: I'd like to welcome, at long last, Hogs Haven to the network family of blogs. It's a Redskins blog and the proprietor, "Skin Patrol," seems like a very cool guy. We've sort of bounced around an inter-blog idea or two, though plans will be made at a future date.

Speaking of which, the good folks from the Curly W have branched out with the Curly R, another Skins blog. Sounds good.

Anyway, happy football. And, if you're going to mock Kornheiser's performance, make sure you do it where he can't hear you, lest he call your dirty words in Yiddish and invoke the ire of the Post's ombudsperson. It's just a terrible cycle of violence.

Oh, and have a nice evening. Unless you're a Giants fan. Or especially if you're a Cowboys fan. As for Eagles fans, we'll let them slide.