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It's a Thursday night, and there's not much to mention. Well, there's plenty to mention, I suppose, but this is a baseball blog focused on a specific team, and this specific team isn't playing tonight. I can't even conjure a Die Hard analogy. Consider ourselves lucky.

I could talk about how Nook Logan could be the answer in centerfield, but c'mon . . . life's just too short for such trifling, pointless musing. Like I said before, he'll be both the Opening Day centerfielder and the fifth outfielder next season. Make of that what you will.

Then there's the possibility that the Nats might not recoup draft picks for Alfonso Soriano's possible (probable? projected?) departure during the offseason. Since all of us out here are, as Ahnold would say, self-awayuh, we've grinded our teeth about it a time or two. Will draft pick compensation be eliminated? Will a new Collective Bargaining Agreement be agreed to prior to next year's draft? If so, will draft pick compensation continue for one more year, considering the relevant deadlines are creeping up in December and January?

That's why the newspaper is here to clear things up:

Major League Baseball's collective bargaining agreement expires Dec. 19, and one element of the agreement that could be on the table is the system by which teams are rewarded compensatory draft picks when they lose free agents.

Nationals President Stan Kasten has refused to discuss this possibility, and MLB officials also declined to discuss the likelihood that such a scenario would affect this winter's free agent class.

Hey, that didn't clear anything up! It just says a bunch of stuff could happen. And using Nookian logic, just because something could happen doesn't mean it will---or that it's even worth discussing. Except, of course, if it does happen----then it's worth discussing.

So, there's not much else to note but this.