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With a double last night, Alfonso Soriano joined the "40-40-40 Club." I would say that's a prestigious club, but it's a club no one else had ever joined before. I don't know if a previously unestablished club can be considered "prestigious." It's hard to attach prestige to something that hasn't been accomplished. I mean, now it's prestigious, I suppose, but when Soriano was stalking the club? No. The club didn't exist. Can we get a Man Law on this one?

Let's just split the difference and call it "exclusive." Now that, it certainly is. (Not that the "40-40 Club isn't exclusive, of course.)

At any rate, this might be hard to believe this morning, but it was not at all a foregone conclusion that Soriano would attain that fortieth double this season.

As I noted back then---but had sort of forgotten since then---Soriano rose on the morning of May 24 with a rather uneven ratio of homers to doubles:

Soriano's latest homer, his sixteenth, continued his hot streak with the long ball. Eight of his last sixteen hits have left the yard, and he is now on pace to slam fifty-six for the season. . . . Even these days, fifty-six homer seasons don't grow on trees. But, in Soriano's case, there is another reason to doubt the homer pace will continue:
16 5

That ratio has to be an anomaly on some level. I think what we'll see as the season progresses is the homer pace drop and the doubles pace rise.

[editor's note, by Basil] Then I said that Soriano was "a lock for thirty-five homers and ha[d] a very good shot at forty." Let's forget that part, shall we?

Almost immediately, Soriano began correcting that ratio:

  • On the 24th, Soriano banged out a double, his first since April 21.
  • On the 25th, Soriano had another double.
  • On the 26th, Soriano collected two more doubles.
But, as we know, he didn't stop hitting homers. For instance, on May 26, his two-double night, he also homered. Basically, he's just kept hitting (and running) and hitting (and running) and hitting some more:
Pre-5/24 46 16/5 .281/.338/.568 906
5/24-Present 106 29/35 .284/.362/.572 934

Sort of amazing, isn't it? Soriano arose on the morning of May 24 on pace to hit fifty-six home runs. Since that date, he's hit even better overall.