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Four links, no comments

  • Boz says goodbye to Frank:
    Over the last 30 years I've found Robinson to be one of the smartest baseball men and one of the best natural leaders in the sport. Few have more insights into others. Nobody is more candid. On the other hand, Robinson can be indifferent to hurting the feelings of others. He tends to force everybody around him into a friend-or-foe stance. Nobody in the game demands more respect for himself. Yet he is thin-skinned and often on the lookout for slights. He dishes it out but hates to take it.
  • John Sickels goes gratis on a couple of Nats player comments, including Kory Casto:
    Casto is not young as prospects go, which limits his projection potential, but I think he will have a good career if they gave him a chance. Grade B.
  • Nats320 wraps up the Kasten series:
    "And, what I saw, coming down to the deadline, the last day, there was a determination to trade him (on the part of Washington's Baseball Think Tank), I was worried. We were about to trade him for NEXT TO NOTHING!! And that's, when I had to step in, and say--NO!!. We are not going down that road. WE ARE NOT GOING TO DO STUPID THINGS!!"
  • Happy birthday Manny Acta!