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I trusted you, inanimate titanium rod!

The Post reports Nick Johnson's recovery from his broken right femur could delay his return to action by a month. According to the article, Johnson must completely recover before starting a conditioning program to get himself into game shape:

"I'd love to see him back in April," [team orthopedist Ben] Shaffer said. "I'd love to see him back on Opening Day. But even if the bone heals completely and his gait is back to normal, how conditioned is he going to be?

"The bottom line is I'm not looking for him on Day One. The fact is, he's such an important guy to the organization, the focus here has to be on complete recovery and getting him back when he and his body are ready. I'm going to target that for May 1 -- and if he makes progress that's exponential, then fantastic."

The article notes Robert Fick and the generically- yet aptly-described "perennial prospect" Larry Broadway would fill in for Johnson, should he indeed miss regular season time. Additionally, lefty starter Mike O'Connor might also see the start of his season delayed, and the team is still talking to Tomo Ohka's agent, Jim Masteralexis. No word on whether the Nats are still tossing low-ball offers Ohka's way.