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Five Fun Facts About: Austin Kearns

Long-time readers, of which I have not more than two, know I'm never good for continuing a series. Nevertheless, I'm going to start a series. This one should be easy enough: five pointless facts about each Washington player.

Just so you know, I'm blatantly ripping this thing off from Royals Review. Efcharisto!

We'll start the series with the rightfielder, Austin Kearns:

ONE: Kearns turned down a baseball scholarship at the University of Florida in order to sign with the Cincinnati Reds. Just in case you're wondering, he wouldn't have been a teammate of our old fan-tastic buddy, Brad Wilkerson, though. Kearns graduated high school in 1998 and would have enrolled at Florida that fall. Wilkerson was drafted by the Expos that June.

TWO: Cincy fans loved Kearns for many reasons, not the least of which was his rather, uh, prominent ears. "Fear the Ears" was apparently a popular catchphrase.

THREE: It's no secret Kearns has a bit of an injury history. It seems his most memorable injury occurred when rotund reliever (and new teammate) Ray King "sat on" him, resulting in left shoulder surgery. Squish!

FOUR: Somebody really wants to be Austin's girlfriend. He's married, though---tied the knot last March.

FIVE: Kearns has a perfect 5.000 OPS against Fernando Nieve of the Houston Astros. Twenty bucks* goes to the first person to guess how many at-bats that's in.

(Many thanks to Red Hot Mama, considering I stole most of the information from there.)

*Monopoly money