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10/23/07 TOP 5 Reasons YOU Can STILL Hate THE METS!! Reason #1...

The Word is out...

     A fellow SB Nation blogger over at the Mets site,, discovered what we were up to here at Federal Baseball and let me know what he thought. Check it out, he and his readers seem somewhat nonplussed, but their comments are funny...seems like they never met a Nationals fan before.

     ...and now on to the #1...but first, an admission:

The original title of this list was...

"Top 5 Reasons You Can STILL Hate THE METS!! (Even Though They Hate Themselves Enough These Days).

     ...I told my brother Scout, Braves fan and Source For All Things Baseball about the countdown I was working on and asked if he had any reasons to hate the Mets to add to the list...

  1. Darryl and Dwight
  2. Over-hyped Prospects
  3. Shea Stadium
  4. Mr Met
  5. That Stupid Dilapidated Apple
  6. Piazza! (Just by himself, is reason enough!)
  7. Annual Subway Series chatter
  8. Keith Hernandez's personal anecdotes from his playing days.(though he is, otherwise insightful).
     "That was off the top of your head?" I ask Scout.

     "And here's one just for you," Scout concluded his list, "Hate the Mets for finding the Endy Chavez that Montreal always thought they had." (ed- "Thanks, Scout. How's Andruw? Uh... sorry!)

     So where was I, just to recount, the TOP 5 Reasons YOU Can STILL Hate THE METS!!!

  1. What the Mets did to Jose Guillen.
  2. New York steals "The Kid"...(And now Gary Carter is known by most, but not all, as a Met).
  3. The Mets want to steal the Flat-Brimmed Closer from DC.
  4. The Mets fans.
     And now the #1 reason you can still hate the Mets...

      ...the number one reason was going to be...

 "The New York Media."

     First, though, let's clear things up. I happen to be a former Montreal Expos fan who has lived most of his life in New Jersey, or just outside what is often referred to as the "media-matrix" of sports coverage...(Luckily only Nationals and Mets fans will read this so I won't get too many "east-coast" bias accusations on that one!)...and how I came to like Montreal and not either of the NY teams, I really don't remember, but when the Expos moved to DC, I followed.

      I have, however, lived my entire life surrounded by Mets and Yankees fans and the incessant media coverage provided by the local print, radio and television outlets. The New York Times, The Daily News, The New York Post, the Newark Star-Ledger, CBS, ABC, and NBC and their local affiliates, plus...YES, FSNY, 660 AM, 880 AM, 1050 AM.

      The direct result of this obsessive coverage is that each and every fan you talk to in the course of your day thinks him or herself an expert on their respective teams. (Which I know, is kinda funny for any blogger to complain about), but you try to talk baseball, and all you hear is...

     "What the hell is TORRE doing!! Fire Torre!!! He doesn't know what he's doing. Why just last night in the eigth..."
     "What was Randolph thinking last night? Bringing in Mota?! Again?!!"
     "Reyes is sooo much better than Jeter was at this age!!"
     "MVP...MVP...MVP!" (every time David Wright's up)...

    Lest anyone think I exaggerate. I will provide evidence. Collected below are over a year's worth of e-mailed ramblings from an old-old friend, who alone amongst Yankee fans in our e-mail group, continues to fight for the Queens-cause each day. No "generalizing" about Mets fans here. Just proof, of what I have heard on a daily basis for years now.

     There are more than 5 Reasons YOU Can Still Hate THE METS!! But the #1 reason  is and always will be the Mets Fan...

(edited for profanity and unneccesarily personal content)

     If I were the Mets Manager...this how I'd first address the team:

     "As manager of the Mets I promise a wholesale change.  My first order of business will be to put the old crew back together and invite the team out for a drink.  We'll lock the doors and get midevil(sic) on these 'softies'.  First four guys to cry like -deleted simile- will be released."

On the Philadelphia Phillies:

      "Every MLB season brings yet another excuse why the Phillies don't win. This year it's pitching - what will it be next year?"

Just rambling...

     "Sorry guys a little too busy today.  I think I may be the only Mets fan in the world who hopes they blow it. The team is not strong enough to win a WS this year anyway even if they make it to the post-season.  If they blow it maybe Willie will get the boot.  He's the worst and has easily cost this team 10 wins this year and the NLCS last year.  If they blow it he is gone at the first sign of trouble next year. Don't let the door hit you in the rear Willie..."

     "...My response to Yankee fans on this e-mail chain - if you stuck with your team and Torre all may talk smack (well deserved).  If you were calling for blood and Joe's first born... -Zip it."

On Jose Reyes:

     "I can't disagree.  It was the second time this week.  No excuse not to hustle. If I was Omar, I would suspend, fine, and "slap" him. See if he's dancing after that. He's still better than Jeter though, chump."

On Derek Jeter:

     "I say whoever steps up on the Yankees before they fall off into the abyss should be named Captain.  I've seen Jeter stand up for one person since he's been here.  Joe Torre.  What a friggin mama's boy that kid is..."

Again on the Yankees:

    "Your $$$ figure does not include the prorated US$28mn the idiot is paying the Sprocket.  As for the latest Bankee fan rant: Mike Pelfrey a bust?  The kid has not yet started 30 games in the minors - you may want to hold off a year or 3 before proclaiming him a bust. 

     "Injuries?  No Met fan has said boo about injuries.  Our GM has added enough depth in the organization that we can withstand a rash of injuries.  Our 52 year old injury prone RF goes down with a torn quad,  "his replacement" goes down with a bum hammie, enter our stud 20 yr old OF prospect.  He busts his wrist and is out 6 -8 weeks, no worries, Lastings is on the way.  You get the idea.

     "Our pitching staff is in shambles? Watch a game or look at the numbers.  This staff is fine, same as last year.  A couple of guys go down, we weather the storm.  We improvise, adapt, overcome."

Responding to Yankee taunts:

     "Worst team $$$ can buy?  Please, what can you say, the book was wrong.  The 2007 Bankees are clearly the worst team money can buy. And finally - Jeter should be criticized!"

Taunting Yankee fans:

     "Sore losers and crybabies - take care of your own business before slinging any pooh over here.  If I was a Yankee fan I would be on the phone with Mike and the Mad Dog proposing ridiculous trades.  Here's one to get you started - Melky Cabrera, Johnny Damon, and Scott Proctor for Albert Pujols."

On the Yankees, once more:

     "Bottom line, if Torre gets blamed for pulling his ancient pitchers, if Cashman gets blamed for bad personnel moves, then Jeter deserves some flack for not laying the law down in the clubhouse.  He should be stripped of his captaincy, a modern day mutiny as he is captain of the few. 

     "It's like any other organization, when the masses lose faith in their leadership, the boss must go.  It will be a lot easier getting rid of one player than getting rid of everyone else. 

On Jeter:

     "Hey, we could even find a spot on the Mets roster for him at second base.  He can't hold and smell Reyes's jockstrap...Mr S," (the Philly fan source of the original comment), " just angry because Rollins is not starting, nor should he be, at the mid-summer classic."

Back to the Yankees:

     "Seriously though, on the Yankees.  All I hear is people bashing Torre, Cashman, Abreu, A-Rod (before this year).  The team usually responds to their fearless leader on the field, in this case Derek Jeter. 

     "True insiders have their opinion on whether or not, Derek Jeter, is the true cancer on that team. Besides Petit and Posada and the rest of the good old boys from the good old days, word on the street is that the rest of the clubhouse despises him for not being more of a vocal leader over the past few years, for not deflecting more pressure from A-Rod over the past few seasons, and always hiding behind his so-called 'legacy.'"

     "His teamates consider him arrogant, aloof, and overrated.  I find it laughable that the NY press does not report on this and pretty much protects him!" (ed- I wonder if he sources this stuff?)

A Mets fan, again, on the Yankees:

    "What an embarrasment this group of pieces of ..... are.  Yankee fans should be ashamed.  A-Rod yelling at middle infielders to drop pop-ups is bush league and doesn't surprise me considering he tried to slap a ball away from a player in the biggest game of his life. Ding dong the witch is dead, the wicked witch..."

Yankees anyone?:
     "Why are we talking about the Bankees when the biggest sports story of the week should be that the Knicks are, according to Isiah Thomas, just about ready to make a run for the NBA Championship?"

Concluding on the Yankees:

     "What have I said that is untrue?  Rather than accept the facts, Yankee fans need to lash out and run behind "the glory days" of games gone past, when aura and mystique ruled the city.  Where is aura and mystique now?  I think they had to pay it back to MLB as part of the luxury tax.  Yeah the Yankees used to be great, but now they have become the laughingstock of the league.  ENJOY!"
On Yankee free agent talk:

     "Here is a novel......idea, how about growing some home grown talent.  Ichiro is 34 years old and is looking for a 5 year contract - do you wanna have the same (deleted) Damon conversation 2 years from now?
     "It doesn't matter which Sox Clemens pitches against.  Too little, too late for this pathetic crew and that ----- taking, no blame getting, cause I'm a good old boy!! Just rememeber he"punked" out of game 6 in 86."
And one more time:

     "In yet another laughable move (see Igawa, Pavano, etc.), the Yankees announce the signing of the 45 year old, 5 inning, will pull my groin/hamstring guaranteed within weeks, bulls--- (i'm here to win) artist. 

     "At $28 Million/per prorated, Steinbrenner & Cashman got down on their hands and knees and went to the big burly Texan begging him to save them from the abyss of third place in the AL East. If Yankee fans think he gets them any closer to winning the division or anything else for that matter they are sorely mistaken. 

     "The team, as constructed, is fundamentally flawed, and now, with the signing of Clemems, is no longer a team.  The bullpen will continue to be mismanaged by Torre (w/out Zimmer).

     "Clemens will come and go as he pleases causing strife, but don't worry Jeter will stand up and say nothing (exactly what he did and does when A-Rod or anyone else not named Torre gets bashed without prejudice or reason).  Lets go Yankees!"

To Yankees fans, on someone?:

     "I have to agree with the Yankee fans.  That was one of the best contracts I have ever seen or heard of.  Only 16 million dollars for one year.  Sure, I too wish that the deal could have been longer.  I would have given him $48 million for three years.  Why three years you ask?  Because that's how long it will take for that hack to compile 35 starts.  In the immortal words of Tim McCarver, "Brother!"
Finally, To my brother Scout:

     "The Bravos are finished - this team will be lucky to end the year at...500.  As for the Mets - they still need to upgrade the rotation if they want to seriously contend..."

Well he was right about something.

So, in conclusion...

The TOP 5 Reasons YOU Can STILL Hate THE METS!!...

  1. What the Mets did to Jose Guillen.
  2. New York steals "The Kid"...(And now Gary Carter is known by most, but not all, as a Met).
  3. The Mets want to steal the Flat-Brimmed Closer from DC.
  4. The Mets fans.
  5. The Mets fans.