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11/20/07 Jimmy Rollins Proves SBN Writers Wrong, Himself Right. Wins NL MVP.

     Jimmy Rollins told you he was going to do it. Jimmy Rollins told you that the Philadelphia Phillies were the team to beat in the NL East before the season even began, and then he went ahead and won the NL MVP Award as recognition of doing exactly what he told you he would do.

     The baseball writers of the SB Nation elected Matt Holliday NL MVP in the voting that took place several weeks back, followed by Milwaukee's Prince Fielder, Rollins third and David Wright fourth. Today the Baseball Writers of America elected Rollins the real NL MVP, with Holliday, Fielder and Wright second through fourth.

     Rollins' numbers in 2007-- .296 AVG, 38 doubles, 20 triples, 30 home runs, 94 RBI's, 41 stolen bases, and 212 hits overall. Rollins' September, as the Phillies surged toward the NL East crown, when he put up a .296 AVG, 4 doubles, 5 triples, and 6 HR's with 18 RBI's and 14 stolen bases in 28 games, may have swayed the minds of the Baseball Writers of America.

    Jimmy Rollins wins the NL MVP. The Phillies win the NL East. The Philly fans are going to be intolerable next season...