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11/30/07 SPY REPORT!! Nationals Trade Schneider and Church to Mets for Milledge!!!

     My good friend Runner called in from the road with an update:

     "Did you hear the news?" Runner asks.

     "No, I've been online all morning. What?" I ask.

     "The Mets sent Milledge(Lastings) to Washington for Brian Schneider and Ryan Church," Runner states.

     "Get out of here!" I respond, "Where did you hear that?"

     "The Fan!(660 AM's WFAN sports radio) just announced it," Runner explains, "I have to go back to work, just wanted to let you know."

     "All right thanks."

     I check out first and there it is...'s News service reporting, "Reports: Mets deal Milledge for Nats' Church, Schneider." The article just provides the bare-bones stats and factual information, and says a news conference is scheduled in NY for 3:00 pm Eastern time.

     More after that...

NY Mets acquire-

Brian Schneider, 31, 5th Round pick by Montreal in '95 Draft.(career stats) - 8 seasons, 133 doubles, 47 HR's, 294 RBI's, .252 BA.

Ryan Church, 29, 14th Round pick by Cleveland in '00 Draft.(career stats) - 4 seasons, 76 doubles, 35 HR's 153 RBI's, .271 AVG.

Washington Nationals acquire-

Lastings Milledge, 22, 1st Round pick (12th overall) by NY Mets in '03 Draft. (career stats) - 2 seasons, 16 doubles, 11 HR's, 51 RBI, .257 AVG.