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11/30/07 METS GM Omar Minaya on "The Fan" WFAN (660 AM) ...

Mets GM Omar Minaya on Schneider/Church for Milldge trade: (paraphrasing of course, from WFAN 660 AM "Mike and the Mad Dog" interview)...

     -Ryan Church is an everyday player.
     -Church will produce similar or better numbers with Mets.
     -Deal for Johnny Estrada provided options. Guillermo Mota
       wasn't working.
     -Paul LoDuca better than Brian Schneider offensively,
       provides defense Minaya is looking for.
     -Schneider's one of the better defensive catchers in baseball.
     -Trading Milledge will not effect Mets' deals for pitcher.
     -Schneider as catcher could entice pitchers.
     -Reiterating: Will not trade Jose Reyes.
     -Lastings Milledge not only outfield prospect in system.
     -Church is under contract for 4 years.
     -Good baseball trade for both sides.