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11/8/07 More HOT STOVE Stuff, Cordero to Mets? Why Do You All Hate...

     ...John Patterson? Really what's going on over there>>> in the Poll section, where the readers of have cast 12 of the 37 votes registered to cut John Patterson from the rotation if they were given the option. Joel Hanrahan was the second choice but the 32% who voted for Patterson, would apparently prefer that the Nationals move on from their eleven-year association with the soon-to-be thirty year old right hander.

      Patterson has never won more than the nine games he won for Washington in the Inaugural 2005 season, and he's gone (2-7) in the last two campaigns, over which he's made only 15 starts? Is it time for the Nationals to move on from Orange, Texas' John Hollis Patterson?

John Patterson's stats at

     ...Last year it was Tony Armas who finally ran out of chances. Is this the year the DC Brass finally gives up on "Big Nasty" John Patterson?...

     ...I woke up to find's Nationals writer Bill Ladson at it again... ws_was&fext=.jsp&c_id=was

     ...In his article entitled, "Nationals target Gomez, Pelfrey," Ladson writes that, "...the team has its sights on Mets outfielder Carlos Gomez and right-hander Mike Pelfrey," with the Flat-Brimmed Closer Chad Cordero's name once again surfacing as the player rumored to be going to NY in return...

     I called upon my two Mets fan friends to gauge their reaction to the rumor/news.

Boss - mid-to-late 40's, Executive-type, life-long Mets fan.
Runner - early 30's, Jr-Executive-type, life-long Mets fan.

Q: Chad Cordero for Mike Pelfrey and Carlos Gomez? What do you think? Would you make the deal?

Boss: I'd take that. And have you heard about A-Rod?

Federalbaseball(FB): No. Runner, would you take the deal?

Runner: Cordero for Pelfrey and Gomez?

FB: Yes.

Runner: Gomez is a better prospect than Pelfrey. Gomez was the fastest player on the Mets last season. A defensive specialist. Natural center fielder...

FB: That's probably why the Nationals want him...

Boss: The Mets should get A-Rod!

Runner: Pelfrey's a mystery...

Boss: With a laser straight fastball...


Runner: ...And take that mouthpiece out Pelfrey!! And that 0-7 start. C'mon. I hate that MOUTHPIECE!!!

Boss: The Mets should get A-Rod, Dontrelle(Willis), and Johan Santana...

FB: How bout Miguel Cabrera?

Runner: The Mets have a lot of pitching prospects, so I would send Pelfrey and Gomez for Cordero. Philip Humber is probably a better prospect than Pelfrey. But the big question with Cordero, is...

Boss: Will he close or set-up?

Runner: Right. Wagner seemed done last season. Struggled with big leads, walks too many men and then gives up a hit, a run, etc...But the rumor is that the Mets are also gonna get back Kazmir?

Boss: Really?

Federal Baseball has found some others spreading this rumor or is it fact?:

(Thanks Runner and Boss!)

     ...I want to go on record one last time. Carlos Gomez, a twenty-one year old outfielder and Mike Pelfrey, a twenty-three year old right-handed starter, would seem to fill the Nationals needs, but what does acquiring Gomez mean for Justin Maxwell, the twenty-three year old center fielder who debuted last season?

      And please? Can we all, as Washington Nationals fans, agree that signing Mike Cameron, a thirty-four year old, oft-injured center fielder, who has hit for a .251 career batting average over his 13 MLB seasons, is not a good idea?

     Bill Ladson's reporting at that the free agent outfielder would be interested in joining the Nationals next season... ws_was&fext=.jsp&c_id=was

     Livan Hernandez, Tom Glavine, Torii Hunter, Aaron Rowand, Andruw Jones, Mike Pelfrey, Carlos Gomez, Mike Pelfrey? Which players would you like to see in a Nationals uniform next season?

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