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Five Fun Facts About: Alex Escobar

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Continuing on with the second part of an indeterminate-part series:

ONE: The same person that wants to be Austin Kearns' girlfriend wants to be Escobar's girlfriend. I'm sensing this whole topic isn't so Kearns- or Escobar-specific.

TWO: You could have purchased Escobar's 2001 Topps card, and for just $1.80 at that! But some guy named "Where Did All the Topps Buyers Go" prevailed. I bet he knows where all the Topps buyers went.

THREE: As a nineteen year old, Escobar hit .310/.393/.584 at Class-A Columbia.

FOUR: As a twenty-four year old at Class-A Buffalo, Escobar hit .251/.296/.472 with a 24/133 walk to strikeout ratio.

FIVE: Escobar has been on the disabled list fifty-three times in an eleven-year professional career.

Actually, I'm just joking about that last part---I think.

* * * *

OMG notes Kevin Kennedy wrote something marginally dumb over at Having listened to Kennedy and his erudite drive-time partner, Rob Dibble, on several occasions, I assure you Kennedy doesn't say anything marginally dumb. This must be an aberration.

Never before listening to the Kennedy/Dibble show did I realize being a big leaguer was such a vacuous and amorphous task. It's not so much about talent or production; it's about manning up and doing things the right way and making fun of logic and reason. Some might think this post is critical, but then again, many just plain don't understand. If Kennedy says Ryan Zimmerman was Rookie of the Year, who are you to say he's wrong? Man up, baby.

Speaking of Zimm, Nats320 has yet another interview posted on the old blogola. Tireless.

* * * *

Various Nats bloggers get some run in Tuesday's edition of the Post. It's a nice story, though I must note Chris Needham of Capitol Punishment is a total hypocrite. He dropped his season ticket plan, and Stan Kasten, who knows plans, was on to him big time. Busted, dude!