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That Deal's HOT!

Ladies and gentlemen: Your fourth starter!

Don't ask me how I found this.

Okay, I admit it: I was looking for novelty nacho cheese sauces. It's one of the things I do. I read about the baseball stats, memorize lines from The Simpsons, deconstruct the societal import of Die Hard, and look for nacho cheese sauces all across the internets. Lo and behold, I found this one. A Washington Nationals-themed nacho cheese sauce.

Is it on the level? Is it too good to be true? I decided to research the matter futher. I take the nacho cheese sauce topic very seriously.

It's true!

No Washington Nationals tailgate party is complete without nachos. Enjoy this rich, mild cheddar cheese taste with chunks of fresh tomatoes, green chilies, onions, sweet red peppers, sweet green peppers and jalapeno peppers throughout.

Everything goes good with this nacho cheese sauce from hot dogs to hamburgers to french fries. Heck, it even goes good with eggs. Washington Nationals Nacho Cheese Sauce comes with officially licensed Washington Nationals logos and colors.

So, everyone out there in Nats Nation: For your next nacho cheese sauce-related Nats night, make it a Hot Sauce Harry's night!

* * * *

Speaking of hot---or, in this case, not hot---Ryan Church has struggled this spring. Unlike last spring, when Church also struggled, his batting woes might not make much of a difference this time; he's the presumptive starter in left field at this point, and it does not seem like that status will be easily altered this time around. The organization has never trusted Church against lefties, and his near-impotence on 0-2 counts have been noted here. But Church might be struggling now for a different reason, as reports:

[Church's brother,] Matthew, a U.S. Army ranger, was deployed to Iraq on Sunday, and Ryan acknowledged that Matthew's pending departure for the war was affecting his game.

. . .

"Matthew told me to relax, don't worry about him. He has a job to do just like I do. He is on his way to Iraq and there's nothing I can do about it. It's in God's hands. After I got off the phone, I felt good."

It is beyond trite for me to say I'll be thinking of Matthew Church, but I do know people who are personally affected by deployments abroad, most notably Iraq and Afghanistan. This is not a political post---not in any way. But I do wish a safe return for those people, and I wish the best for the Church family.

* * * *

The same article notes the next round of cuts will be tomorrow. Based only on Manny Acta's comments from the same article, it would appear Chris Michalak's status is shaky, Chris Schroeder's headed back to the minor league camp, and Mike Bacsik will remain.

* * * *

The Nats320 blog has interviewed just about everyone Nats-related except for Hot Sauce Harry, and I'm pretty sure Screech's Best Friend's interview list extends to all 148 Ryans in Nats camp, including Ryan Wagner. It would appear Wagner is confident things will turn around for him in Washington:

n 2005, I was injured, and they (Cincinnati) thought it was time for a change in my arm slot, or change my throwing angle. I have always been coachable and willing to listen, try anything to improve. Unfortunately, those changes just did not work. When I was traded here, the very first thing Washington told me was to go back to what I was successful with, what I was doing originally, and I was most comfortable. I began working with Randy St. Claire and watching video, each and every day. He watched me throw in the games. We continued to work things out, and I settled in real nice.

Wagner's an interesting figure for the Nats. He's a former first round pick, a Bowden selection. If he can turn into something with the Nats, then just think---he was the throw-in in the KrivskyGate trade. What a steal.

* * * *

One guy who unequivocally didn't work out for the Nats was Damian Jackson, whose strange behavior last season was one reason Thom Loverro remarked it was like Frank Robinson was teaching kindergarten in 2006. Jackson, a non-roster invitee to the Dodgers' camp in Vero Beach this spring, was cut by the Dodgers today and didn't react to the news all that well:

"I no longer have anything to do with baseball," an angry Jackson said before clearing out his locker, furiously shoving equipment and clothes into his duffel bag and knocking down two chairs on his way out.

. . .

"He respects our decision, and that's it," manager Grady Little said.

By most accounts, Jackson was not a pleasant presence in Washington last season, so I cannot say I sympathize too much in this instance. He's parlayed a .243 batting average and 80 OPS+ into an eleven-year big league career, which isn't too bad. He might prefer to prolong his career, but no one says "When." It just happens.

I do know this, though: The Association Press story claims he played 67 games and batted .168 for the Nats last season. That's wrong. Jackson actually batted .198. Talk about kicking a guy while he's down!