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DATELINE, PEORIA: Jose Guillen Is Still Angry

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

"Against these guys, I'm gonna tell you straightforward, the anger comes out of me," the Mariners right fielder said Friday. "I want to kill all those guys."

The article is quick to clarify Guillen means he wants to harm the Angels competitively, not mortally. Well, maybe. When you are proficient with tossing four bats at once, there's a fine line between assault and assault & battery.

"I (wish) we could play them 162 times. That's going to be my motivation. And trust me, that's not good when Jose Guillen gets motivated. I really step up to a really different level."

Look out! It's the third person!

Anyway, Angry Man is an ex-National. He could be a beneficial, (relatively) low-cost pickup for the Mariners, and it would be nice for the Nats to pay-it-forward a bit from that whole Doyle/Guillen/Money deal. I wish Guillen nothing but the best, not that my good tidings have any real-world effect. But I'm still confused on one point: If Guillen was actually aiming at the bat boy way back when, why is Scioscia still the target of his anger?