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More Time To Put Off Doing Your Taxes

All I can say is that there's no game today. Hope you like watchin' the puddles gather rain.

So the Nats will be loss-less on consecutive days for the first time this season. Matt Chico will try to make it three in a row tomorrow night; he's been pushed back from today's rainout and will pitch against the Braves at RFK. Assuming there is a game tommorow evening, of course -- which it looks like there will be, albeit a chilly one.

Dmitri Young was supposed to wear No. 42 for the Nats on Jackie Robinson Day. That opportunity has been rained out, and it seems like the players-adopting-Robinson's-number tribute is for today only. But we'll see what number Dmitri wears tomorrow. [Update: Looks like Young won't be able to wear No. 42 tomorrow.]

An additional note: I cannot possibly do Jackie Robinson Day any justice at this blog with a post well-written enough to capture Robinson's significance to the game, so I won't try. Among the many places to look for a good article on the subject would be here. But a book review on many of the talented and courageous African-American (and, in many cases, Latin American) players who broke into the Southern minor leagues in the wake of Robinson's crossing of the color barrier is forthcoming later today in this space.