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No, Not Obermueller!

Career record 9-19, 5.65 ERA, 75 ERA+, 412 baserunners allowed in 256.1 innings pitched. But, based on a sample size of one, he's like a Hall of Famer against the Nats:

[Obermueller's] last big-league win came May 17, 2005, when he allowed two hits in eight innings against Washington. He took a perfect game into the seventh inning at RFK Stadium before Jamey Carroll singled with one out.

The Dread Obermueller.

Other lowlights of that game, long-forgotten or never-remembered: RFK patrons giving Obermueller a Standing-O after Carroll's seventh-inning single, and the beginning of the end for Claudio Vargas. If only he had options remaining!

* * * *

Update [2007-4-22 13:40:44 by Basil]: It's the bottom of the second, and Ryan Church is pulled from the game. Debbi Taylor reports: "This is not an injury-related move. Manny Acta just made a switch."

I'm assuming he hasn't been traded, so the only four remaining reasonable options are that Church didn't hustle, Church spouted off, Church had bad body language, or Church was exposed as a puppy-killer.

Update [2007-4-22 14:15:59 by Basil]: Note to MASN: April 2005 is not "last year" anymore. I know there are very few Nationals Classics Moments, but at least try to make this operation look professional.