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Acta On Church (And Church On Acta)

I got back in time to watch Manny Acta's postgame comments. Acta explains the Church removal:

He just didn't run the ball out.

Acta said while he was a "patient man," he had "no patience" for the "lack of effort" and "will not tolerate it." Asked if there were any future ramifications, Acta replied no. He also said he was a "Ryan Church fan," but Church should have known better.

Acta contrasted Church's lack of effort with that of Robert Fick the other night, when Fick didn't run out a bunt play and thus unwittingly bunted into a double play. He indicated Fick's was a mental error, whereas Church's was a hustle play.

Ray Knight liked Acta's decisiveness, even as he noted Church's behavior wasn't exactly egregious. I didn't see the play live, but I just saw it on the postgame show. Knight is certainly correct that Church busted out of the box but then slowed noticeably. I'm guessing, if Church indeed did not tweak the hamstring, then his clutch there as the out was recorded was probably not in good form. Additionally, Knight and Holliday hint that this discipline might have been a cumulative thing for Church.

Anyway, I know nothing more about this (obviously) and will be quite interested to read the accounts in the papers, but it seems as though Church simply ticked off Acta and the manager is trying to light a fire under one of his better players -- to make an example of him to the rest of the team, and to send a message to Church not to get complacent just because he's assured himself of a full shot this time around.

* * * *

MASN showed some quick footage of Church talking to reporters. He said Acta pulled him, he knew why, and he said nothing to Acta in response.

He sent me a message, and I got it. Loud and clear.

Meanwhile, Jerome Wiliams gave up ten runs (nine earned) in six innings, and the Fish gutted the Nats, 12-6. Probably as good a day as any for Church to meet some discipline. I'm guessing it all starts over again on tomorrow, or at least on Tuesday, when the next series starts in Philly.