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Notice Pleading

At Federal Baseball, we've been all over this MajewskiGate thing since its inception. Along the way, we've judiciously used resources inside the game of baseball to provide the most immediate and accurate information possible on this developing controversy.

This has been a task requiring much patience and perspective, insofar as the controversy has been "developing" for over nine months. But we persist in our goal of informing the Nats-going public. To that end, last August we disclosed an internal baseball form indicating the condition of Gary Majewski's right shoulder was not explicitly mentioned by the Nationals but the omission was not pursued by the Reds.

After months of no-comments and veiled threats, Cincinnati general manager Wayne Krivsky has now filed formal grievance, according to the Washington Post. It was time again to contact my sources and see what they could provide. And one of these sources, sure enough, provided a goldmine. What follows below is a copy of Krivsky's grievance form filed so recently its ink is barely dry.

While the burden is no doubt high to prevail on an internal grievance, you can see Krivsky aims to deliver a compelling case. Federal Baseball will continue to provide updates and internal documents on this situation as they warrant.