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The less said about this one the better. With Brad Penny in complete command, the Nats weren't going to win regardless of Zimmerman's misplay in the seventh. Manny Acta commented after the game that Jason Simontacchi pitched better than his linescore indicated (6.1 IP, 11 H, 6 R). While there's some truth to that, it hardly mattered. Penny wasn't going to lose last night.

Here's an interesting note from the AP game recap:

The Dodgers' first-inning run broke a string of nine straight games in which the Nationals had scored first, the longest in the major leagues this season.

Remember back to 9:32 pm on April 12, when the Nats took their first in-game lead of the season? They went something like . . . well, whatever it was -- ten games, I guess? -- without leading at some point during a game. (They, of course, won the third game of the season in walk-off fashion.) Six weeks later, the Nats had gone nine straight games scoring first. Weird sport this baseball is, eh? Anyway, scoring first obviously puts a team in an enviable position, and I for one endorse the practice.

A comment in yesterday's Advance Scout post pointed me to Dodgersims, a blog that "runs 2000 game simulations to come up with probabilities of every NL West game." The simulator is reputed to have "an amazing track record." On Tuesday, the blog entered the day with a 74-49 record. It regarded the Dodgers as the favored team with a 58.45% chance of winning. The simulator went 4-1 predicting the NL West games for the day.

What about today? The simulator likes Mike Bacsik and the Nats over Derek Lowe and the Dodgers, but it's a slight preference. It gives the Nats a 51.20% chance of winning. We shall see.