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The Advance Scout: May 7-9 @Milwaukee

Milwaukee Brewers in a Box
Category Cubs NL Rank
Runs Scored/Game 5.06 4th
Runs Allowed/Game 4.10 3rd
Defensive Efficiency .737 2nd
OBP .341 6th
SLG .450 2nd
BA, RISP .241 12th
Pythagorean Record 18-13 N/A

Record/Position/Streak: 21-10, 1st in NL Central, W3 (8-2 in last 10)

Scheduled Starters: Monday, Matt Chico (2-3, 6.59) vs. Chris Capuano (4-0, 2.90); Tuesday, Jason Simontacchi (NR) vs. Dave Bush (2-3, 6.93); Wednesday, Jason Bergmann (0-3, 3.34) vs. Claudio Vargas (3-0, 2.89)

Brewer Blogs: Brew Crew Ball; Al's Ramblings; really a blog, but one of the most underrated baseball sites on teh internets)

They're Feelin': A lot like we were feeling 23 monhs ago!

With the Nats headed to something less than a pennant-winning campaign, I figure it's time to make the vicarious leap into bandwagon jumping. I am not unfamiliar with the process. Last season, it was a natural fit that I'd cheer on my favorite scrappy everyman, Ryan Freel, and his Cincinnati Reds -- until their trippily conspiratorial GM, Wayne Krivsky, went all Jim Garrison on us. This season, I am pleased to announce that I'm rooting for the Milwaukee Brewers.

This is a talented and exciting team, folks. I listened to the BrewCrew radio broadcast for a couple innings on my XM while driving around Friday and Saturday nights, and Bob Uecker's excitement seems explained by something other than a hidden flask of hard liquor. Miller Park was rocking.

I have a feeling the Cubs may yet prove a bugaboo for the 2007 Brewers, but isn't it something that Milwaukee fans can revel in this level of excitement? It's been fashionable to mock Bud Selig's self-serving "Hope & Faith" language, but it seems evident that several baseball towns have lacked the same in the last decade. But now Milwaukee is rid of the Seligulan legacy and looks like it has a winner. It's a win-win.

As for Natty relevance, take a look at Wednesday's starter for the Brewers. Then take a look who won the game yesterday for the Yankees. These guys are examples why people express skepticism Jim Bowden has anything resembling the discipline to develop talent. I'm just sayin' . . .