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9/1/07 "Wave Of The Future...Wave Of The Future."-Howard Hughes in "The Aviator"

     Washington right hander Joel Hanrahan retires the first three San Francisco batters for a scoreless top of the first. Hanrahan avoids the Giants Left Fielder the first time around, but He is in the lineup and will lead off the second. Giants left-handed hurler Jonathan Sanchez gives up a broken bat single to Nook Logan to start the Nationals first. Two outs later, Dmitri Young's single to right allows Logan to go from first to third, but Sanchez gets Austin Kearns swinging at high heat to end his own scoreless frame.

     There's a lot less fanfare in this game as the Nationals face the Giants Left Fielder. Joel Hanrahan gets a pop out to the infield in their first matchup of the evening, and retires Ryan Klesko and Bengie Molina to put the first six down in order.

     Wily Mo Pena starts the bottom of the second by hitting an infield single so hard to first he stuns the pitcher into not covering the bag. Ronnie Belliard drops a seeing-eye single just in front of a diving Dave Roberts in center for San Francisco. Two on, no outs for Jesus Flores. Sanchez gets the Nationals catcher swinging. Joel Hanrahan bunts both runners over, but Sanchez gets Nook Logan swinging at the same high heat the Giants lefty used to get out of the first.

     Nationals catcher Jesus Flores hits a kneeling Joel Hanrahan with the throw to second trying to catch Omar Vizquel, who steals the base after walking. Hanrahan's got two down in the third, and Dave Roberts pops out to end the another scoreless frame. Ryan Zimmerman reaches on an error by Omar Vizquel at short, but gives the out back when he's picked off too far from first. No score after three.

     Hanrahan strikes out Ray Durham with high heat, pops up Randy Winn, and gets the Giants Left Fielder to line out to retire the side in the fourth. Kearns, Pena and Belliard are set down in order in the bottom of the fourth of what has turned out to be a pitcher's duel. Giants third baseman Pedro Feliz reaches down and lifts a curve ball out to left and into the bullpen for the Giants first hit of the game and a 1-0 lead.

     The Future is NOW! Jesus "The Future" Flores takes a fastball to deeeep center for a solo shot to start the Nationals fifth. 1-1 ballgame. Jonathan Sanchez gives up a two-out single up the middle to Felipe Lopez, but gets Ryan Zimmeman to fly out to center to end the bottom half of the frame.

     Hanrahan rolls through the top of the sixth to bring up the middle of the Nationals order in the bottom of the inning. Jonathan Sanchez has been all fastballs, or at least most, with a slider and change thrown into the mix. A change outside walks Austin Kearns in the sixth. Sanchez hits Wily Mo Pena on the kneecap with a slider. Two on and one out in the sixth, and Jonathan Sanchez is lifted...

     ...for Scott Atchison, a right-handed reliever. Ronnie Belliard grounds sharply to short, and everyone's safe when Omar Vizquel's throw to third is late. Jesus Flores lines a one-hop single up the middle to score Kearns from third and make the score 2-1 Washington. Pinch hitter Ryan Church's sac fly to right scores Pena from third. 3-1 Nationals after six.

     Washington reliever Ray King's on in relief to face the Giants in the seventh. King walks Randy Winn in front of the Giants Left Fielder. King gets a ground ball from the Giants Left Fielder, and Ronnie Belliard takes the force at second. King breaks a curve onto the inside corner to get Ryan Klesko looking. Jesus "Everyday" Colome will pitch to Bengie Molina. Colome gets Molina to fly out to center. 3-1 Nationals. Stand up and stretch...

     Felipe Lopez walks to lead off the Nationals seventh. THE KIDS CALL HIM ZIM!! THE KIDS CALL HIM ZIM!!! Ryan Zimmerman splits the gap in right with an RBI double that scores Lopez from first. 4-1 Nationals after seven. The Tallest Pitcher in MLB History, Jon Rauch is on to work the eigth. Rookie Nate Schierholtz lines a single for the Giants second hit of the night. Rauch gets Dave Roberts to fly out to left. 4-1 Nationals after seven and a half.

    Former Montreal Expo Steve Kline retires the Nationals in order in the eigth. Wait for it...

     Chad Cordero enters the game in the ninth wearing the Nationals sharp home whites, and a red Nationals cap with white cursive "W" stitched above a brim as flat as the Giants offense this evening. Ray Durham pops out to short left. Randy Winn chases a slider for strike three...

     ...Chad Cordero vs the Giants Left Fielder...strike one, fastball, Bonds lifts the next pitch to left, but not far enough. Wily Mo Pena closes the glove on a 1,2,3 Nationals win. Cordero gets the save. Hanrahan, Colome, King, Rauch, and Cordero combine on a two-hitter to break the seven game losing streak. 4-1 final.

Nationals now 59-77.