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9/10/07 Part Deux...Apres Le Deluge...

*Part One Posted Just Below.*  

     ...Marlins righty Harvey Garcia comes back and quickly gets the last out of the top of the seventh. Stand up and stretch...

     ...Jesus "Everyday" Colome hits Josh Willingham to start the seventh, but it hurts Colome more than it hurts Willingham when Mike Jacobs then hits a loooong fly ball fifteen rows back in right on a fastball just where Mikee likes it! 5-4 Nationals in the seventh. Big John Albaladejo begins warming in the Nationals bullpen. Colome gives up a line drive single to center to Cody Ross who gets greedy and gets thrown out at second on a throw in from Nook Logan. Here comes Albaladejo...there go the Marlins in the seventh.

     Felipe Lopez reaches safely to start the eigth on a true "infield" grounder, when the excess of "diamond-dirt" used to dry the field causes Miguel Cabrera to misplay a hard-hit grounder. Ryan Zimmerman lines a single to center. DY grounds into a DP. Austin Kearns grounds out to end the top o'eight.

     The Tallest Pitcher in MLB History Jon Rauch gives up a long fly ball to Hanley Ramirez, but he hits it to center, and it's not far enough, Nook Logan catches the first out. Uggla's down swinging. Jeremy Hermida chases a high fastball. Rauch retires the side. Marlins righty Lee Gardner retires the Nationals in the ninth. Wait for it...

     Chad Cordero enters the game in the bottom of the ninth with a one-run lead, wearing his away grays, navy blue Nationals cap pulled down low over his brow, casting his eyes into shadow, white cursive "W" stitched above a brim as flat as the rain-soaked Dolphin Stadium outfield grass. The Flat-Brimmed Closer will face Cabrera, Willingham and Jacobs. Cabrera goes down swinging at a curve in the dirt. Willingham pops out to first. Jacobs flies out to left. 1,2,3 Nationals Win!!! 5-4 final.

Nationals now 65-79.