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Open Thread...9/30/07 Nationals vs Phillies Game 162 of 162

Game One Hundred Sixty-Two of One Hundred Sixty-Two at Citizens Bank Ballpark, Philadelphia, PA features:

Jason Bergmann (6-5, 4.33) vs Jamie Moyer (13-12, 5.15)

     (73-88), 15 games out of first, 11 games out of third, the Washington Nationals hold the Playoff fate of the Philadelphia Phillies in their hands. The NL East's fifth place Florida Marlins can also send the Mets into an October vacation and send thousands of stunned Mets fans to their phones to call radio shows to talk about their pain. Tom Glavine for NY, Dontrelle Willlis for the Marlins.

     After splitting the first two in Citizens Bank Ballpark it will be the Nationals sinking-fastballer Jason Bergmann going up against Old Man Jamie Moyer and his soft-tossing bag of tricks.

     Moyer's faced the Nationals 13 times in his career with a (5-4) record to show for his efforts. 79.0 innings pitched against DC, 84 hits allowed, 28 earned runs, 6 dingers, 23 walks and 57 K's with a 3.18 ERA overall.

     Moyer faced Washington twice early in the season, going 13.1 innings in two Philly wins, in which the forty-five year old lefty gave up 3 earned runs on 8 hits, with 5 walks and 10 K's in back to back away and then home starts.

     Jason Bergmann squared off against Moyer on April 24th in RFK Stadium, going 6.0 innings and allowing 3 hits and 2 runs with 2 walks and 5 K's in the Washington loss.

     In his career, Bergmann has one loss (0-1) in 4 starts, and 7 appearances overall against Philly in which he's allowed 22 hits in 27.2 innings, with 2 runs and 1 home runs allowed, while Bergmann's struck out 23 and issued free passes to 10. 3.29 ERA overall.

     Bergmann hasn't lost in 8 starts, going (5-0) over that period which stretches back to July 5th, and Washington is (6-4) over the same time frame. Moyer is (7-4) at home and (4-2) during the day. Bergmann? (2-3) on the road. (3-2) in afternoon starts.

     Washington's (5-5) in their last ten. Philly is (6-4). Washington likes blocking legislation. Philadelphia loves artery-blocking cheesesteaks. DC has countless monuments. Philly has a cracked bell. If Washington wins it helps the Mets. If Washington loses it helps Philadelphia. Why don't they just both lose and leave the Nationals out of it...

1:35 pm start. The last game of the Washington Nationals season...Anyone watching?...