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1/26/08 What Kind Of Money Will Ryan Zimmerman Get From The Washington Nationals?

When the NY Mets locked up third baseman David Wright to a long term deal in 2006, the then-twenty-three year old third baseman was given a 6-year $55 million dollar deal. In four MLB campaigns with the Mets, Wright's collected 141 doubles, 97 HR's and 365 RBI's.

Twenty-four year old former Florida Marlins third baseman Miguel Cabrera, a career .313 hitter with 183 doubles, 138 HR's and 523 RBI's in five MLB seasons, signed a 1-year, $11.3 million dollar deal with the Detroit Tigers after being traded there this winter.

Joe Crede, 30, signed for 1-year and $5.1 million last week with the Chicago White Sox. Crede's put up a .259 career BA, 25 doubles, 108 HR's and 367 RBI's over 8 seasons in the American League.

On Eric Byrnes XM radio show today, Byrnsie described how contract negotiations (or arbitration hearings) always involve "comps" or comparisons that are made between teams and players as they each attempt to statistically justify what they think an individual is worth.

Byrnsie's example was from an arbitration hearing in which he and his agent tried to make the case for comparing Byrnes to Torii Hunter, while the team (Oakland, I think.) countered with outfielder Jay Payton as a more apt example of Byrnes worth...

So...with the Washington Nationals and Ryan Zimmerman supposedly on the verge of signing a deal for the '08 season, and with Zimmerman quoted in a recent article entitled, "Zimmerman hopes for long-term deal", which is credited to the Associated Press, where he states:

"...Now is about that time to start talking again about whether we want to do another one-year thing or work something out that's more long term."

A wire report entitled, "Several Nats agree to one-year deals; Zimmerman talks continue", which references the same AP story, notes that Zimmerman is, " of only three players on Washington's 40-man roster without a contract for 2008," and quotes Zimmerman, who won't be eligible for free agency until 2011, stating:

 "We both know what we want...They know that I want to be here, and I know that I want to be here, so there's no reason to mess around. If it works out, it works out. If not, we'll do another one-year deal."

Zimmerman's going to be twenty-three until September '08, and in three seasons in DC, the vacuum cleaner of a third baseman has managed to hit 100 doubles, 44 HR's and 207 RBI's in 339 games.

Cabrera, Wright and Crede?...Where does Zimmerman rank in comparison? How many years and dollars do you think Zimmerman will get? Certainly more than Crede, but probably less than Wright and Cabrera, right? If Zimmerman is the face of the franchise, how much more is that worth? To quote a commenter with the handle, "em3" here at

 "Get it done Bowden!"

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