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1/5/07 Luis Ayala Shot In Non-Pitching Arm...What? Should I Not Mention Which Arm?

New, comments has an AP report entitled, "Nats Pitcher hit by shotgun pellet"... l?eref=si_mlb

the Washington Examiner went with the same AP report but titled it, "Nationals RHP Luis Ayala accidentally hit by shotgun pellet during hunting trip"... _hunting_trip.html

Then there's the, who put the title, "Nationals' Ayala hit by shotgun pellet during hunting trip" on the AP report... =rss&id=RTGAM.20080104.wsptayala4

While's AP report went with the detailed title, "Ayala expected to be at spring training despite bruised nerve"...

...and's Bill Ladson assured Nationals fans at that Luis, "Ayala should be fine after accident"... jsp&c_id=was&partnered=rss_was

     ...The details, Luis Ayala went hunting, his friend accidently discharged his weapon and sent a pellet into Ayala's left arm, requiring a trip to the hospital in Mexico and then another doctor visit in Los Angeles. Unbelievable. I wish some of the articles were a little more careful with their titles, because when I first read, "Nationals pitcher Ayala hit by shotgun pellet" I thought the worst until seeing's Bill Ladson's title which assured me of Ayala's relative luck...

     ...and without any jokes about you-know-who's "Quail hunting" "accident" or the Washington Bullets of yore, it's better to just leave the story there and hope that Ayala experiences no further difficulties and is ready for Spring Training and the '08 season after avoiding what could have easily been a tragic accident...