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The 2008 SBN Awards...Manager Of The Year.

The Final Results of the voting for the SB Nation's 2008 NL Manager of the Year...

National League 1st 2nd 3rd Points
Lou Piniella 9 4 2 59
Charlie Manuel 2 6 5 33
Fredi Gonzalez 3 2 3 24
Joe Torre 2 2 3 19
Tony LaRussa 2 - - 10
Ned Yost - 3 1 10
Cecil Cooper - 1 2 5
Manny Acta 1 - - 5
Dale Sveum - 1 1 4
Jerry Manuel - - 1 1

• - (ed. note - "Yeah, yeah, yeah Lou Piniella won the SB Nation's Manager of the Year award for the 2008 season, but here's what I'm thinking after looking at the list...Who voted for Manny Acta? No, it wasn't me, but someone made a decision to place a vote for the Washington Nationals' skipper...Does this mean Ralph Nader still has hope? Acta's Nationals finished the '08 campaign 59-102 record...No, seriously, I didn't do it...Lou Piniella's Cubs finished 97-64...")

• - Here's how we voted here at, with the "we" being myself and's beleaguered editor, one, Mr. Winston Smith:

NL MOY- (e chigliak) NL MOY - (Winston Smith)

3. Fredi Gonzalez 3. Fredi Gonzalez

2. Joe Torre 2. Joe Torre

1. Lou Piniella 1. Lou Piniella

• - I had thought originally that the two of us must have watched the Florida Marlins too much, and were misguided in our enthusiasm for what Fredi Gonzalez was able to accomplish with the League's lowest payroll. But apparently, Mr. Gonzalez received three 1st place votes in addition to the second and third place votes to finish right where predicted. The same theory might be applied negatively to the Phillies's skipper Charlie Manuel...I saw way too much of the Phillies last season...and that was before the two extra months of Philly-lovin'...

• - Mr. Smith and I voted independent of one another but were both impressed enough with Joe Torre's work out in LA to cast our second place votes for the former Yankees' skipper, who finished the '08 season 1st in the NL West though only 6 games over .500...but returning the Dodgers to prominence and holding his former Red Sox' rival in check after Manny Ramirez was acquired was enough to earn our votes.

• - As for "Sweet Lou"...the Postseason disappointment can't take away from what he accomplished with Chicago in least we voted before the '08 Playoffs began...but Lou Piniella led the Cubbies to the NL Central crown (by 7.5 games)...a home record of 55-26...and all of Chicago was convinced that this was the year...Maybe next year, Lou.

• - (ed. note - "Seriously? Who voted for Acta? It was not me...")

• - Oddities in the #'s...

Ned Yost receiving two second-place votes...Apparently not everyone thinks Mr. Yost was to blame for the Brewers' struggles...Tony LaRussa receives 2 first place votes but doesn't appear on anyone else's ballot...Seriously, who voted for Acta?...

Tomorrow, Tuesday 11/4 at 2:00 pm EST, it's the SB Nation's 2008 Rookie of the Year Award...There will also be some, uh other voting taking place tomorrow...the results of which are slightly more important to the Nation...

To view the results of the SB Nation's voting for '08 AL Manager of the Year click on the "Continue Reading" link below...I only voted for the NL winner, and I don't care much for the AL brand of baseball...but go right ahead and look for yourself...

The Final Results of the voting for the SB Nation's 2008 AL Manager of the Year...

American League 1st 2nd 3rd Points
Joe Maddon 16 1 - 83
Ron Gardenhire - 7 4 25
Mike Scioscia - 4 5 17
Terry Francona - 3 2 11
Ozzie Guillen 1 - 2 7
Cito Gaston - - 3 3
Trey Hillman - 1 - 3

Of course it was Joe Maddon...the guy quotes Camus...Seriously though, who voted for Manny Acta?