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Should The Washington Nationals Pursue Adam Dunn? And, What Does Their Pursuit Of "That Other Guy" Tell Us?

Why Do You Want DC To Sign Adam Dunn? 

I'm surprised, somewhat, by the results of the most recent Poll here at which asks, "Who do the Nationals turn to as their next free agent target?". Surprised at the number of votes we've gotten compared to the usual participation and surprised that so many of you want Adam Dunn on the '09 Nationals' roster...74 of 252 votes, or 29% of those who voted, want the Nationals to sign Adam Dunn...(presumably to play 1st, since Josh Willingham was acquired to play left, I think?) Why do you want Dunn exactly? Convince me...Consider it a challenge...(ed. note - "Manny Ramirez is currently the 2nd choice amongst voters.")

My argument against signing Dunn, as I've stated often, starts with the K's, though Dunn's .381 career OBP is a lot higher than I would've imagined. He's guaranteed to hit 40/100? (At least with Brandon Phillips, Griffey, Jr. Joey Votto and Jay Bruce hitting around him? How about with Zim, Dukes, and Lasto?) Nick Johnson and DY are already under contract for a total of $10.5M next season, and with both of them battling back from another set of injuries/health problems, they're virtually untradeable unless you absorb money or just take a loss to part with the players, so signing Dunn for another $10-$12M per, (I keep on hearing somewhere around 3Y-$30M), just doesn't make sense to me? The A's have expressed interest in Nick Johnson('s medical records), but they're also said to be interested in Jason Giambi for first in Oakland, and that is the only Nick Johnson rumor i've heard. Plus, paying that much for a player, like Dunn, who won't drastically improve the team's chances for success doesn't seem financially responsible? (ed. note - "That other free agent offer was crazy too...")...After all, Alfonso Soriano hits 41 doubles and 46 HR's and collected 95 RBI's and the Nationals finished 71-91???

Make a case for Adam Dunn...Convice the doubters?  Or just pile on the insulting nicknames like, "Dunn-K" or "The Bigger Wilkerson"? Your choice...

Don't Know How To Take That, Mr. Boras?

So, I'm reading Washington Post writer Chico Harlan's Nationals Journal post entitled, "Boras: For Tex It Just Came Down To Winning", where Mr. Harlan relates the story of how the Yankees' new $180M dollar first baseman's agent, Scott "Maximum" Boras, had called him to give a sort of post mortem of the Nationals' pursuit of his prize offensive free agent client, and had stated that:

"...I think the Nationals did everything they could do both with their economic commitment, the time and effort that was made in every attempt to bring Mark to Washington..."

...and, according to Mr. Boras, the Nationals put forth an all-out, professional effort that impressed both the agent** and his client, who, ultimately, decided that, " his career, he really needed to be working for a club that would be giving him an opportunity to win now." ...Uh? So the Nationals did everything they possibly could in terms of money, their approach, and the argument for the team they presented to Mr. Boras' client...And he decided that Washington wasn't for him?...Decided that there was a better chance of winning in a division that also features the Red Sox and the upstart Rays? New York was a better place for his family than DC? The lure of the pinstripes? What does it say about Washington as a destination for free agents when they give their very best effort and still come up short? (He WAS AN O's fan from Maryland!!! AND HE SIGNED WITH NY??? When is someone gonna show DC some love?)

(ed. note - " ** = As the first reader comment to Mr. Harlan's piece noted, and as I've said I'd hoped for since the beginning of the free agent season...At least Mr. Boras came away impressed with the organization, as he told, Mr. Harlan:

"...('It's clear you've got an ownership group committed to being successful... There's a passion there about what they want to get done...')" when DC drafts Stephen Strasburg with the #1 overall pick in '09, at least he'll have a good impression to pass on to his client.")

Dominican Winter League UPDATE...

With a three-run top of the ninth, the Azucareros del Este staged a late-game comeback against the Tigres del Licey to win 8-7 in the second game of the Dominican Winter League Playoffs for the Tigres, who are now 1-1 in Postseason play. DC and Licey second baseman Anderson Hernandez was 1 for 5 with a double, his second in 2 Playoff games, and 1 RBI, also his 2nd in 2 games...Ronnie Belliard started at third for Licey, but never hit, he's listed as 0 for 0, with an "S" and his name under the box score? WHAT DOES THIS (S) MEAN? WHAT'S THE (S)?...Uh, ...Belliard was hit by a pitch in the 3rd and left the game...Uh-oh?

Puerto Rican Winter League...

The Criollos de Caguas beat the Gigantes de Carolina today, by a 6-1 score with DC prospects Justin Maxwell and Garrett Guzman both in the Caguas' lineup, and contributing to the win. Maxwell, starting in left and hitting fifth, was 1 for 3 with a run scored and 2 walks, and Guzman was 0 for 4 with a walk and a run scored. Maxwell, who's tied for second in the PRWL with six other players with 6 HR's this Winter, has also collected 7 doubles, 1 triple and 22 RBI's in 33 games, over which he's hit for a .222 AVG., a .394 OBP, .472 SLG...Guzman's hitting .275 with 9 doubles, 2 triples, 2 HR's and 17 RBI's in 34 games, with a .356 OBP and .433 SLG...(though he's 0 for 2 in steal attempts.)

Make your case for Adam Dunn, here in the Comments section, or in a FANPOST, which I'll promote if you're persuasive...