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2/16/08 Nationals' GM Jim Bowden Says A, "T _ _ D_? May Decide The Situation At First...

     The same uncredited AP-generated article entitled, "Nationals GM Bowden: 'We're ready to win more games than we lose'", that provided Washington GM Jim Bowden's predictions for the Nationals' success in the upcoming season contained a bombshell of a last paragraph in which the titular "T-word" was finally uttered by the Nationals' GM in addressing the crowded situation at first with Nick Johnson and Dmitri Young both healthy and under contract for the upcoming '08 Nationals' NL East campaign.

    According to the article, published on 2/15/08 at 10:40 am, the Nationals' GM said, "...if first basemen Dmitri Young and Nick Johnson are both healthy, one could be traded." At 5:20 pm that afternoon, Howard Fendrich was being credited with an article out of Viera, Florida entitled, "Nats' Bowden: 'Ready to win more games than we lose'; Johnson eyes opening day", at the, in which Mr. Fendrich elaborated:

          "...if he (Nick Johnson) and Dmitri Young, who hit .320 last
          season as the starting first baseman, both are healthy,
          Bowden said one or the other could be traded."

      Mr. Fendrich then quotes the Nationals' GM directly, with Mr. Bowden once again reiterating:

          "There's two quality guys there...I think, obviously, Dmitri
          starts at first. He has to. He played last year and was top
          seven in the league in hitting. But that doesn't mean by
          opening day, Nick Johnson's not the first baseman, either."

     A little less than three hours after Mr. Fendrich published his article, at 8:19 pm,'s Bill Ladson checks in with his article, "Notes: Lo Duca expected to talk", in which GM Jim Bowden, steps back  from his previous statements slightly while still elaborating further:

          "...They are both everyday players...If they are both healthy,  
          it may be possible that one has to be moved to make that
          work. It doesn't mean that we are going to. But it's
          something we have to look at [during] that time because
          we don't have the DH rule and Interleague games aren't
          until June."

      ...and after Nationals' Manager Manny Acta told Washington Post baseball writer Barry Svrluga, as reported in a post entitled, "Lo Duca and Acta", at Mr. Svrluga's "Nationals Journal" blog at the, that, "...As of today, he considers Dmitri Young his starting first baseman..." which, combined with Mr. Bowden's comments has me thinking that they are either really trying to inspire Nick Johnson in his comeback from a devastating injury, OR...

       ...Are the Nationals alerting the rest of Major League Baseball to keep an eye on their twenty-nine year old left-handed hitting and throwing first baseman, who just might be available if he proves himself fully recovered from the broken right femur that has kept him sidelined for the last seventeen months?

*DY vs Nick Johnson Links* article entitled, "Nationals GM Bowden: 'We're ready to win more games than we lose" at the html

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Washington Post writer Barry Svrluga's "Nationals Journal" post entitled, "Lo Duca and Acta", at

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