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Nationals vs Phillies: Game Report...Break Up the Nationals!!!

Philly starter Brett Myers puts the Nationals down in order in the top of the first. Jimmy Rollins hits a stand-up double off Washington's Matt Chico to start the bottom of the frame, and moves to third on a sac bunt by Shane Victorino. Chase Utley backs Lastings Milledge up to the warning track and Rollins, the reigning NL MVP, trots home from third for an early 1-0 Philly lead. Ryan Howard grounds to second, Ronnie Belliard to Nick Johnson, one inning in the books. 


(AP photo by Tom Mihalek)


Nick Johnson doubles by Pat Burrell in left for his second double of the season, going the other way with an outside pitch from Myers. Austin Kearns takes strike three inside for the first out of the second. Paul Lo Duca hears a round of boos as he steps to the plate. Lo Duca takes one on the hand and looks hurt (as the Philly fans cheer!) and the trainer's out to see Lo Duca...who takes his base. Belliard hits one far enough to center for Johnson to advance to third. Willie Harris works the count full and Myers misses a breaking ball outside to walk the bases loaded. Matt Chico up...and he chases a 2-2 curve in the dirt to end the Nationals' second. 

The Phillies start the second with a Pat Burrell walk. Chico breaks Pedro Feliz's bat with a change-up, and gets a double play grounder as a result. Jayson Werth doubles between Zimmerman and the third base bag. Carlos Ruiz is robbed by a sprinting Willie Harris who speeds in to steal a blooper, saving Chico a run. 1-0 Philly after two after two. 


(AP photo by Matt Rourke.)


Top of the third. Cristian Guzman lines out to Shane Victorino in shallow center. Lastings Milledge pops out foul of first. Ryan Zimmerman lines to right and almost knocks Werth off his feet when the outfielder makes the grab. Matt Chico gets the opposing pitcher staring to start the bottom of the inning. Jimmy Rollins flies out to center where Milledge makes the catch. Shane Victorino flies out to right to end the Philly half of the frame.


Nick Johnson flies out to Jayson Werth in right for the first out of the fourth. Austin Kearns rips a single under a diving Jimmy Rollins and into left. Lo Duca pops the first pitch out to second. Ronnie Belliard grounds down the line to third where Philly's new third baseman Pedro Feliz makes the play to end the Nationals' fourth.  Myers__brett_-_ap_photo_by_tom_mihalek_medium

(AP photo by Tom Mihalek.)


Chase Utley drops a bloop single into center that Lastings Milledge gets a bad jump on and can't get to in time. Ryan Howard slices a 2-2 pitch outside into left for a single, moving Utley to third. Pat Burrell lines a single to left that drops in front of Willie Harris, scoring Chase Utley, 2-0 Phillies. Pedro Feliz stares at a fastball on the outside at the knees for strike three. Jayson Werth swings through strike three for the second out. Catcher Carlos Ruiz pops out to end the fourth at 2-0 Philly. 


Matt Chico smacks a one-out single up the middle in the Nationals' fifth. Cristian Guzman does the same. Chico to second. Lastings Milledge takes the second fastball on the hands from Myers. Bases loaded for Ryan, who pushes Jayson Werth back to the warning track in right, Chico tags and scores. 2-1 ballgame. Nick Johnson walks to reload 'em. AK Austin Kearns doubles, one hop and off the scoreboard in right center, two runs score, 3-2 Nationals. Lo Duca grounds to short, Jimmy Rollins bobbles it...Kearns scores. 4-2 Nationals. Ronnie Belliard pops out to end the rally. Nationals lead 4-2 in the fifth. So Taguchi, hits for Myers (5.0 IP, 5 hits, 4 runs, 3 ER, 2 BB, 2 K's, 5.40 ERA). Taguchi, Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino go down in order to Chico in the bottom of fifth.  


Ryan Madsen, Philly's workhorse reliever gets Willie Harris to ground out to short for the first out of the sixth. Matt Chico grounds out to short. Cristian Guzman beats out a chopper to Rollins that the shortstop plays perfectly but the throw is a step behind The Guzman.  BLASTings Milledge...BLASTS one to left, twenty rows back and GONE!! Milledge's first hit is a Home Run...Thankfully he doesn't try to slap hands with the Philly fans. (ed. note - "That's sarcasm, folks.") 6-2 Nationals after six.  Getty_images_medium

(Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images.)


Chase Utley gets a hold off a breaking ball inside and lifts it to right and out of the park. 6-3 Nationals. Ryan Howard stares at an outside fastball for strike three. Chico's out. (5.1 IP, 6 hits, 3 ER, 1 BB, 4 K's, 5.06 ERA). Joel Hanrahan, the hot arm of the Spring, blows away Pat Burrell with a high heater outside and off the plate. Pedro Feliz chases the same high heat. 2 batters, 2 K's for Hanrahan. 6-3 DC.


Chad Durbin on for Philly in the seventh. Nick Johnson flies out to center. Austin Kearns walks. Kearns runs as Lo Duca grounds out to second. Kearns moves up safely. Two outs, man on, for Ronnie Belliard, who grounds out to end the top of the seventh. Hanrahan's back, and he issues a leadoff walk to Jayson Werth. Carlos Ruiz doubles to left, Werth scores. 6-4 Nationals. "Half-a" Ray King's on to face Geoff Jenkins. Jenkins chases strike three into the dirt. Jimmy Rollins...1-1 pitch...Uh-OH! Gone to left. 6-6 ballgame. Rollins ties it...Victorino flies to center for the second out, and Utley flies to right to end the frame. Tie game. 6-6 after seven.


J.C. Romero faces Willie Harris in the Washington eigth and gets the K. Aaron Boone in his first DC AB, takes the first pitch, which he pops out to first. Cristian Guzman goes down swinging. Saul "Sa-ool" Rivera gets Ryan Howard to fly to left. Pat Burrell pops out to first. Pedro Feliz flies out to right. 6-6 middle of eight. 


Lastings Milledge beats out a grounder in the hole at short off Tom "Flash" Gordon. Ryan Zimmerman flies out to right. Nick Nick Johnson Johnson doubles to center, Milledge almost to third...Lastings Milledge is coming home, the relay from Jimmy Rollins to home is up the line, Milledge doesn't slide and just beats the play at the plate. 7-6 Nationals on the bat of Nick Johnson and the legs of Milledge. Austin Kearns singles, Johnson to third. Paul Lo Duca squares to bunt, but pulls back, Philly catcher Carlos Ruiz thinks he has Johnson picked off third, but the throw bounces off Johnson and flies into left, Johnson trots home, Kearns moves to second. 8-6 Nationals. Lo Duca lines to center. Austin Kearns scores. Ronnie Belliard doubles in a run. 10-6 Nationals. Break up the Nationals. Say goodbye to Tom Gordon. Dmitri Young pinch hits. Dmitri "Off the Wall" Young doubles to right, and off the top of the scoreboard. Belliard scores. 11-6 Nationals after eight and a half innings. Getty_images

(Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images.)


Jesus "Everyday" Colome pops up Jayson Werth for the first out of the Philly ninth. Carlos Ruiz flies out to right. Gregg Dobbs strikes out, the ball gets by Lo Duca, but the throw to first is in time. Nationals win. 11-6.


Nationals now 2-0.