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Nationals President Stan Kasten Places Home Plate...Opening Night Sells Out In Minutes...

According to's Bill Ladson's article, "Notes: Bush invited for inaugural pitch", and an AP article on the entitled, "4K tickets sell out in less than 10 minutes for Nationals Park", I wasn't the only one disappointed by my inability to score reasonably-priced tickets to the Washington Nationals' Opening Night at Nationals Park against the Atlanta Braves on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball. (Quite an event, yes! I'll be there with over-priced tickets!!)

Mr. Ladson writes in his article at that:

"(Nationals President Stan) Kasten said that tickets for Opening Day sold out in six minutes, comparing the demand to a Bruce Springsteen concert."

The AP story at the article states that:

"More than 4,000 tickets available for the Washington Nationals' first regular-season game at their new stadium sold out in less than 10 minutes Tuesday.

After selling all the single game tickets available for Opening Night, Mr. Kasten personally placed home plate on the new infield in Nationals Park, and later in the day even picked up on the story entitled, "Giving You the Score, Plus a Whole Lot More", by Washington Post Staff Writer Daniel LeDuc, about the Nationals unveiling their new home's "massive new scoreboard" which Mr. LeDuc writes, is like:

"...a high-definition TV on steroids...the equivalent of a 1,300-inch television...(and)...the centerpiece of the fan experience at the 41,000-seat ballpark."

Opening Day:  25 days 20 hr 25 min 38 seconds away...