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Nationals vs Marlins: Game Report...The Dog Days Of Summer Are Her...What? They're Much Later In the Summer? Oh, OK.

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Jason Bergmann vs Scott Olsen. Washington vs Florida. Nationals vs Marlins, as DC tries to break the five game slide with the Marlins in town for two more tonight and tomorrow night before the first series of the season, (after the one-off Opener), against the Atlanta Braves starts this weekend. Nationals Park is, let's say, less than full as the game gets underway... 


The Nationals' Starting Lineup...


Cristian Guzman SS

Lastings Milledge CF

Ryan Zimmerman 3B

Nick Johnson 1B

Austin Kearns RF

Paul Lo Duca C

Ronnie Belliard 2B

Felipe Lopez LF


Jason Bergmann gets a ground out, a strikeout and a fly ball to center for an easy one, two, three first on the mound against the Marlins. Cristian Guzman grounds out to Hanley Ramirez at short, and both Lastings Milledge and Ryan Zimmerman hit line drive fly balls right into Josh Willingham's glove in left, Scott Olsen matches Bergmann. No score after one. 


Bergmann retires the Marlins in order in the second for two scoreless. Nick Johnson grounds out to Jorge Can....Jorge Cantu sails the throw to first, and a leaping Mike Jacobs can't even come close to the ball which sails into the stands allowing Johnson to take second. Scott Olsen gets Austin Kearns to ground out ineffectively to third. Paul Lo Duca flies out to rig...Alfredo Amezaga and Jeremy Hermida nearly collide, and the ball hits off Hermida's glove and bounces to the track, Johnson scores. 1-0 Nationals. Olsen gets inside on Belliard and pops him out to left. Felipe Lopez gets the intentionals to bring up Bergmann, who goes down swinging. 


Matt Treanor slaps the first pitch of the third back up the middle for a single off of Bergmann. Alfredo "The Amazing" Amezaga hits a one-hopper to Ronnie Belliard who shovels the ball to Guzman at second. Guzman fires to first. Double Play. Bergmann gets the opposing pitcher staring to end the top of the third. 


Cristian Guzman hits a seeing-eye single through short to start the Nationals' half of the third. Lastings Milledge lays down a bunt, but this is no sacrifice, as it rolls by the mound and stays on the infield grass near first where no one's ever gonna get it in time. Milledge beats it out. Two on for Ryan Zimmerman. Zimmerman grounds into a tailor-made DP. Nick Johnson walks. Austin Kearns flies to center. Still 1-0 after three. 


Jason Bergmann paints the outside corner with a full-count fastball to Hanley Ramirez to get the Marlins' shortstop looking for the first out of the fourth. Dan Uggla swings over a nasty slider for out number two. Jeremy Hermida hits a two-out double to left center, one hop and off the wall. Josh Willingham pinballs a grounder off Zimmerman's glove and away from a charging Guzman at short, no play. First and third for Mike Jacobs...Jacobs hits a fly ball to deep right and gets Austin Kearns twisting in the wind...but Kearns makes the play over his shoulder, and closes his glove on the top of the fourth. Scott Olsen gets the first two Nationals in the bottom of the inning, and then Felipe Lopez pushes Hermida all the way into the right field corner where the Marlins outfielder makes the grab just in front of the bullpen fence. 1-0 after four. 


Jorge Cantu pulls a pitch from Jason Bergmann all the way into right for a home run that lands twenty rows back in stands. 1-1 ballgame. Alfredo Amezaga drops a single into short left. Matt Treanor singles. Scott Olsen lays down a sac bunt to advance both runners into scoring position. Bergmann walks Hanley Ramirez to bring Dan Uggla up with one out and the bases loaded. Uggla hits a ground rule double just left of center and into the stands. 3-1 Marlins. Jeremy Hermida lines a slider into the right field corner. Two runs score. 5-1 Marlins. Apparently Jason Bergmann didn't read my Game Thread, because he wasn't careful with Mike Jacobs, who tattoos a fastball to right and into the DC Bullpen. Two-run blast. 7-1 Marlins after four and a half. Cristian Guzman gets the Nationals started on the comeback trail with a leadoff home run in the bottom of the fifth. 7-2 after Guzman finds the corner in left. Olsen gets through five with a five-run lead. 


Joel "Unhittable" Hanrahan replaces Jason Bergmann for the top of the sixth, and after a ground out, Hanrahan walks the second batter of the inning, Alfredo Amezaga. Olsen lays down another sac bunt moving Amezaga up a bag. Hanley Ramirez drives Amezaga in with a run-scoring single. 8-2 Fish. Hanrahan wallks Dan Uggla. Hanrahan blows a fastball by Jeremy Hermida for the final out of the inning. Scott Olsen puts the Nationals down in order to end the sixth at 8-2 Marlins. 


Joel Hanrahan hits Josh Willingham on the elbow. Hanrahan feeds Mike Jacobs another fastball. Two-run blast to right. 10-2 Marlins after six and a half...Stand up and stretch...Pinch hitter Aaron Boone gets a two-out walk from Olsen, but the Marlins' lefty gets Cristian Guzman to end the seventh inning of play. 


Jesus "Everyday" Colome pitches a scoreless eigth. Lastings Milledge singles to start the bottom of the inning. Ryan Zimmerman goes the other way, but it hangs up long enough for Jeremy Hermida to get under it. Nick Johnson flies out to right. Austin Kearns works a two-out walk, and Scott Olsen's out with a lead that should guarantee a win. Should...Marlins' righty Lee Gardner on in relief. Paul Lo Duca doubles to left center. Two runs score. 10-4. Ronnie Belliard pops out to short. Eight in the books. 


Ray King walks Josh Willingham to start the ninth. One out later King walks Jorge Cantu. Marlins' catcher Matt Treanor grounds to third, Zimmerman fires to Belliard at second, Belliard to first, but the catcher beats it out. First and third. Two outs. Alfredo Amezaga flies out to left, where Felipe Lopez stumbles but grabs it. Marlins' righty Burke Badenhop makes his first Major League appearance in the ninth. Felipe Lopez flies out to left. Rob Mackowiak goes down swinging for Burke Badenhop's first K. Guzman grounds out to Uggla at second. Nationals lose their sixth straight. 10-4 Florida. 


Nationals now 3-6.