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Game Thread: Washington Nationals at Seattle Mariners- 2008 Game 69 of 162. " Remembers Tim Russert."

Remembering A DC Institution...

As reported just about everywhere this evening, Tim Russert, veteran journalist, and host of NBC television's political institution, Meet the Press, passed away today, the result of an apparent heart-attack. I rarely mention politics here at, theorizing that DC-based baseball fans probably turn to the sport as an escape from that aspect of everyday life in the nation's capital, much as Mr. Russert seemed to in his frequent visits to watch the Nationals over the last few seasons, but I'd be remiss if I failed to mention the impact Tim Russert had, not only on my own life, but on the lives of citizens in Washington, DC and around the country and world.

A dedicated father and son, and a relentless interviewer who was always there each Sunday morning to ask the questions that needed to be put to those who'd hope to avoid at all costs answering those queries, Tim Russert will be sorely missed, not only by his family, friends, and on TV each week, but at the games, where he sat amongst the DC faithful and cheered for the Nationals along with us all.

(ed. note - "How did Tim Russert affect my life personally? It was on his show, maybe a decade or more ago that I was first introduced to the man who has most affected my political and philosophical views of the world, one Mr. Ralph Nader.")

On the Hill...

Shawn Hill's (0-3, 4.35) never faced Seattle. R.A. Dickey, (1-1, 2.67 ERA) who fancies himself a knuckleballer's on the mound for the Mariners, has faced the DC franchise once, back when they were the Expos, pitching 2.0 hitless innings in relief for the Texas Rangers back on June 7, 2003.

They're about to get underway in Seattle...