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Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim at Washington Nationals: Game Report..."Strange Weather Phenomenon In DC...Dog Days Arrive Early In Nation's Capital."

Washington Nationals’ right-hander Shawn Hill walks the first batter he faces, Chone Figgins, in tonight’s second of three with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in Washington, DC. Hit and run single for Erick Aybar, Figgins to third. Garret Anderson flies out to PAUL Lo DUCA? In LEFT?, Figgins tags and scores. 1-0 Angels. Lo Duca’s throw in is weak, so Aybar takes second. Hill tries to waste one high on an 0-2 count against Vladi Guerrero, but it’s not high enough, and Vladi lines it to center. Aybar scores. 2-0 Angels. Torii Hunter singles. Casey Kotchman grounds to D...DY tries to backhand the ball and throw to second, but he never does backhand it, coming up empty, and allowing Guerrero to score. 3-0 Angels. Howie Kendrick drops a single in front of Lastings Milledge in center. Hunter scores. 4-0. Catcher Mike Napoli drives a fastball to left, and Lo Duca can’t get there. Two runs score. 6-0 Angels...Despite some hard hit balls by Elijah Dukes and Milledge, Jon Garland throws a scoreless first...


...Garret Anderson reaches safely with one down in the second, when Willie Harris leaps for a liner but has it bounce off the tip of his glove. (Paul Lo Duca exits under mysterious circumstances.) Vladimir Guerrero strikes out and Anderson’s nailed at second on the strike ‘em out throw ‘em out...A fly ball out from DY, and two K’s for Jon Garland, who’s quickly through two...


...Torii Hunter has a single fall in front of Elijah Dukes to start the third. Casey Kotchman grounds to second, W. Harris tags Hunter and throws to first, double play. Howie Kendrick smacks a two-out single to left. Kendrick steals second. Hill balks Kendrick over to third and....Mike Napoli sends one soaring over the out-of-town scoreboard for a two-run blast and a 8-0 LA lead in the third...Wily Mo Pena gets Washington on the board with a solo shot to left and over the outfield bullpen. Impressive, but still only counts for one run. 8-1 LA Angels. Willie Harris’ single off Garland is erased by Felipe Lopez’s pinch hit double-play grounder. Garland gets a groundout from Guzman to end the third. 8-1 Angels. 


Steven Shell takes over for Shawn Hill in the fourth. Chone Figgins puts the bat on a full-count pitch and pushes a single to left. Erick Aybar lines into DY’s glove, DY doubles up Figgins by stepping on the bag. Shell gets a groundout from Garret Anderson to end a scoreless top of the fourth...Elijah Dukes gets all of a hanging curve from Garland to lead off the DC fourth with a line drive deeeeep to left and GONE!! 8-2 Angels. DY drives a single into left center. Jesus Flores grounds to Figgins at third, to second, to first, double play to end the fourth. 8-2 LA.


Gary Matthews, Jr. grounds out to start the fifth. Steven Shell gives up a roped single through short to Torii Hunter. Casey Kotchman grounds into a force at second. Shell drops a two-strike curve on Howie Kendrick and gets him staring at strike three...Ronnie Belliard takes a leadoff walk from Garland, and moves to second when Wily Mo Pena grounds out to first. Willie Harris lines to left...Kory Casto bats for Shell, and splits the gap in left center with an RBI single. 8-3 Angels. Cristian Guzman pokes a single through short. Two on, two outs, Garland fools Elijah Dukes with a change to end the threat. 


Jesus “Everyday” Colome gets Mike Napoli looking for the first out of the sixth. Colome walks the opposing pitcher. Figgins grounds to DY, who tries for two, but sails the throw to second. Both runners safe. Erick Aybar pops to short, infield fly. Garret Anderson grounds out to let Colome off the hook...Lastings Milledge pops out behind second base. DY grounds back to the mound. Jesus Flores tests Chone Figgins' backhand, but the Angels’ third baseman’s up for it, throwing out Flores to end the sixth. 


Gary Matthews, Jr. beats out a grounder to third for a leadoff runner in the LA seventh. Torii Hunter grounds to Guzman, to Harris, to DY at first. Double play. Colome pops up Casey Kotchman for his second scoreless frame. Stand up and stretch...Ronnie Belliard pops out to second. Wily Mo Pena grounds to second. Willie Harris takes strike three inside, because there was nothing he could do with it anyway. Garland through seven.


New Nationals’ second baseman Peter Orr catches the first out of the eighth off Howie Kendrick’s bat. Napoli grounds to short, and one-time Expo Juan Rivera goes down swinging as “Wild” Joel Hanrahan throws a scoreless top of the eighth...Arredondo takes over for Garland. Arrendondo drops a splitter on Pete Orr for a swinging K. Fastball for strike three on Guzman, who just waves at it. Elijah Dukes battles but eventually bows before Arredondo, who is just nasty, throwing 14 pitches, 12 for strikes, with 3 K’s to end the eighth...


Charlie Manning gets the first out of the ninth when Chone Figgins flies out to Elijah Dukes. Erick Aybar goes down chasing a high fastball, and gets Garret Anderson chasing a curve in the dirt...Lastings Milledge grounds out to third. DY down swinging. Flores grounds to short, Arredondo ends it. 8-3 Angels win, to take two straight from DC. 


Nationals now 30-49.