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Houston Astros at Washington Nationals: Game Report... "Nationals' Math-- (Austin Kearns - 5 Bone Chips = The AK DC Fans Were Promised!!) ...or...'Let's Go Nats Go!' Adopted As Official Team Cheer!"


Tim Redding throws a high 2-2 fastball by a swinging Hunter Pence for the first out of the evening. Kazuo Matsui swings over a low two-strike bender. Lance Berkman strokes a two-out single to center off Redding. “El Caballo” Carlos Lee’s line drive bounces a foot in front of the wall in left and right back to Kory Casto, who fires in to hold Berkman at third. Two on, two out for Miguel Tejada. Redding gives up a fly ball to the deepest part of center, where Willie Harris closes his glove on the top of the first....Willie Harris wants to play! Single back up the middle for Harris to start the DC first. Felipe Lopez hustles to first safely to beat out the back end his own DP grounder, but Harris is out at second. Cristian Guzman slices a fly ball single out to left. Austin Kearns works a two-out walk. DY? Pops a low curve out to left. No score in the first. 


Ty Wiggington falls down as he flies out to center, and never makes it up the line, landing flat on his face. Michael Bourn flies out to Casto in left. Astros’ catcher Brad Ausmus singles to center to bring up pinch hitting pitcher Chad Paronto? Oswalt’s out? (Hip Injury?) Redding gets Paronto looking...Casto grounds out on the first pitch from Paronto. Jesus Flores blisters a single "through" Miguel Tejada’s glove. Ronnie Belli-YARD!!! Belliard skies one that hangs up there for a while...and lands in the stands in left. 2-0 DC. Redding walks in front of Willie Harris, who doubles in and out of Michael Bourn’s glove in center, but Redding gets thrown out trying to take third. Felipe Lopez grounds back to the mound to end the second. 


Hunter Pence beats Guzman to the middle of the infield with a leadoff single over second in the third. Kaz Matsui grounds to Guzman to Lopez to DY, double play. Redding throws a slider by Lance Berkman to end his third scoreless frame...Cristian Guzman lines over first and into the corner in right for a leadoff double in the DC third. Austin Kearns unloads on a high fastball from Paronto and doubles off the out-of-town scoreboard for an RBI extra-base hit. 3-0 DC. DY hurts his back swinging, and Pete Orr replaces DY, popping out to the catcher...Kory Casto lines out to third. Jesus Flores goes down swinging. 3-0 DC after three. 


El Caballo singles to start the fourth. Miguel Tejada pounds a single through second. Ty Wiggington offers at a 2-2 pitch in the dirt, but holds his bat back. Full count. Wiggington pops out to Belliard at first. Michael Bourn flies out to Willie Harris in center. Redding gets Brad Ausmus looking at a fastball on the outside edge....Ronnie Belliard’s a single and triple away from the cycle after doubling to right and off the out-of-town scoreboard to start the Nationals’ fourth. Tim Redding gets down a successful sac bunt moving Belliard to third. Chad Paronto’s replaced by Tim Byrdak. Willie Harris works a one-out walk. First and third for Felipe Lopez. Lopez grounds into an inning-ending DP. 3-0 DC.


David Newhan chops a grounder over the mound to Guzman who fires to first in time. Pete Orr fields Pence's groundout and throws wide of first, but Belliard gets it and tags the runner out. Kazuo Matsui drives a single up the middle, and moves to second on a wild pitch, but Redding throws a fastball by Lance Berkman to end his fifth scoreless frame...Berkman misses a grounder, and new pitcher Dave Borkowski bobbles a toss from Matsui when he tries to cover first, so The Guzzzzz is safe at first. Austin Kearns walks. Pete Orr advances both runners with a perfect sac bunt. Casto!!(clapclap) Casto!!!(clapclap) gets the intentionals to bring up Flores? WWJD? Flores drops a bloop single into center, two runs score. 5-0 Nationals. Ronnie Belli-YARD!!! goes DEEEEEP to center, and high and GONE!!!! Three-run blast!! 8-0 Nationals! 8-0 Nationals?! 


El Caballo grounds out to start the sixth. Miguel Tejada flies out to Willie Harris in center. Wiggington grounds out to Orr at third. Six scoreless for Tim Redding...Felipe Lopez grounds out to start the DC sixth. Cristian Guzman slices an outside curve into left for another single. Austin Kearns blasts one DEEEEEP to left center and into the opposing team’s bullpen for a two-run blast and a 10-0 Nationals’ lead...Steven Shell on to pitch the top of the seventh. Michael Bourn flies out. Brad Ausmus lofts one to center for Willie Harris to get under. Darin Erstad pinch hits. Hunter Pence grounds out to end the Astros’ seventh scoreless frame...Geoff Geary gets a swinging K from Flores, a groundout from Belliard and a called third strike on the opposing pitcher Steven Shell who’ll be back in the eighth...


Steven Shell’s back on the mound in the eighth. Kearns barely moves while catching Hunter Pence’s fly out. Kazuo Matsui doubles to left with one down. Lance Berkman grounds out to second, Matsui takes third. El Caballo? Carlos Lee pushes Kory Casto back to the track where he catches the final out of the Astros’ eighth. Houston lefty Wesley Wright gets a fly ball out to left from Willie Harris. Felipe Lopez grounds out. Cristian Guzman pops out to center. Steven Shell stays on to close out the win...Tejada rips one off Guzman at short, but he recovers and throws wide of first, where Belliard tags Tejada out. Wiggington singles and takes second when Willie Harris misplays it in center.  Bourn flies out to Willie Harris in center. Brad Ausmus flies out to a charging Willie Harris, who closes his glove on the final out of the game. 10-0 Nationals win. Tim Redding is finally (7-3) Shell gets his first MLB save!!!! 


Nationals now 36-58.