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Washington Nationals at Atlanta Braves: Game Report..."3 Hours, 25 Minutes, 21 Runs, 28 Hits And 5 Errors Later, Washington Takes Two Of Three In Atlanta."

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Braves’ lefty Jo Jo Reyes walks DC leadoff hitter Willie Harris to start the finale of the three-game weekend series. Paul Lo Duca erases the runner with a DP grounder to Chipper at third, to Kelly Johnson, to Mark Teixeira at first. Cristian Guzman pops out to end the top of the first...”He’s no Willie Harris, but he’s doing the job,” My Brother Scout, Braves Fan And Source For All Things Baseball says as Gregor Blanco singles on the first pitch from DC lefty Odalis Perez. Kelly Johnson successfully sacrifices with a bunt. Perez saws off Chipper Jones with a fastball inside for a weak pop out. 0-1 fastball inside to Teixeira, but Tex gets a hold of it and singles to left to score Blanco, 1-0 Braves. Jeff Francouer doubles to left, lifting a low breaking ball that rolls to the wall, but Atlanta centerfielder Mark Kotsay flies out to end the first. 


Austin Kearns gets a grounder through short by a diving Brent Lillibridge. Jo Jo Reyes walks Ronnie Belliard in front of Jesus Flores. WWJD? Jesus Flores rips a line drive into left to load the bases for Felipe Lopez. Lopez walks on four straight. 1-1 ballgame. Ryan Langerhans pops out to short center, where Lillibridge twists in the wind, but makes the grab. Odalis Perez grounds out to third, Chipper takes the force at home. Willie Harris dribbles a grounder through second on a hanging 0-2 curve, two runs score. 3-1 DC...Cristian Guzman lets a groundball go under his glove for an error that puts Brent Lillibridge on to start the bottom of the second. Corky Miller grounds weakly enough to third to avoid a DP. Odalis Perez gets the opposing pitcher staring at a curve. Gregor Blanco takes a two-out walk. Kelly Johnson takes a full-count fastball outside to end the second. 


Cristian Guzman stares at strike three to start the third. AK takes a free pass, and moves to second when Ronnie Belliard drops a bloop single into center. Jesus Flores drills a grounder under a diving Chipper Jones, Kearns scores. 4-1 Nationals. Felipe Lopez singles through short to load the bases with one down. Ryan Langerhans lines a single to center to move everyone up a base. 5-1 Nationals. Buddy Carlyle’s on in relief. After Odalis Perez grounds into a force at home, Willie Harris is back up with the bases loaded. Harris takes a 3-1 pitch that looks like a strike, but is called ball four, and Bobby Cox adds to his MLB leading Ejection Total. 6-1 Nationals...C.Jones grounds out to Ronnie Belliard at third. 0-1 fastball to Mark Teixeira, 6-2 Nationals after Tex takes Odalis deep to left and GONE!

Cristian Guzman takes the first pitch of the fourth in the ribs/jersey...

Austin Kearns lifts one to left, it could, it will, it’s GONE!!! Two-run blast, 2 -run HR, #100 of AK’s Career!!...8-2 Nationals.

Belliard grounds out. Jesus Flores drives a low curve into left for a one-out single. Felipe Lopez dribbles a single through short.  Langerhits drops a single a step in front of Mark Kotsay in center. Odalis Perez up again with the bases juic...loaded. Odalis Perez grounds to first, Tex takes the force at home, and the throw back to first...sails into right, error on ATL catcher Corky Miller. Two runs scores, 10-2 Nationals. Willie Harris...just...clears...the fence in right...Harris blasts an inside pitch for a two-run blast. 12-2 DC...Corky Miller makes up for his error with a leadoff single in the Braves’ fourth. Martin Prado hits a pinch hit home run to left to let Miller walk home. 12-4 DC. Kelly Johnson hits a one-out single and then scores when Chipper Jones splits the gap in left center for an RBI double. 12-5 DC...Odalis Perez gets Teixera with a curve when Tex can’t check his swing. Two-out walk to Francouer brings up Kotsay, who flies out to Kearns to finally end the fourth.


Cristian Guzman flies out to center. AK doubles to left, one hop and off the wall. Atlanta righty Vladimir Nunez gets Ronnie Belliard swinging for the second out, but Jesus Flores pushes a 2-2 pitch to right for his fourth hit of the day. 13-5 Nationals as Kearns scores. Felipe Lopez splits the gap in right center, Flores hustles around to score, 14-5 DC...

Final Score Nationals 15 Braves 6...


It's A Long One, But Completists Like Me Can Make The Jump Below...


Nationals now 38-61. (Countdown to 100 Losses Stands At...39 Losses.)

(cont.)......Odalis Perez gets the bottom of the Braves’ lineup in order to end the fifth... Johnny Estrada grounds out to first. Willie Harris walks in front of Paul Lo Duca, who drops a single into left. Guzman chops out to first. Jeff Francouer charges in to steal extra bases from Austin Kearns and end the top of the sixth. Steven Shell starts the bottom of the sixth on the mound for DC. Gregor Blanco and Kelly Johnson both fly out to left, and Shell strikes out Ruben Gotay to end the inning. 

Ronnie Belliard walks but gets forced out at second on Jesus Flores’ grounder. Kelly Johnson boots a DP grounder from Felipe Lopez. Ryan Langerhans and Shell both ground out to end the top of the seventh. Shell’s back for the seventh, and he issues a leadoff walk to Mark Teixeira before striking out Jeff Francouer. Shell gets a fly out to left from Kotsay. Brent Lillibridge takes the second walk of the inning, bringing up Corky Miller. Shell issues another walk to load the bases for pinch hitter Greg Norton. Shell’s yanked...DC lefty Charlie Manning on to end the “threat”...Norton stares at a two-strike curve for a called strike three. 14-5 after seven.


Julian Tavares gets a groundout from Willie Harris to start the eighth. Lo Duca grounds out to short, Guzman grounds out to second to end the top of the frame. “Wild” Joel Hanrahan’s on in relief. Blanco grounds out to second. Kelly Johnson flies harmlessly to right. Hanrahan blows a 2-2 fastball by Ruben Gotay for a swinging strike three. AK vs Royce Ring to start the ninth...AK grounds to short, and Lillibridge throws it over first...AK safe at second. Jesus Flores finds ground Francouer can’t get to, 5 for 6 on the day. Felipe Lopez flies out to foul territory in right, and AK tags and scores. 15-5 DC...Jesus “Everyday” Colome is on to close out a looong afternoon. Full-count fastball to Tex, 15-6 DC after Tex’s blast to right. Francouer destroys a fastball, but lines out to Langerhans in left. Kotsay singles...Lillibridge lines out to Kearns...Corky Miller pops up foul of first...Don’t Worry, Lo Duca’s Got It!!!


Nationals now 38-61. (Countdown to 100 Losses Stands At...39 Losses.)