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Federal Baseball Readers Are Right Again...Nationals Trade Jon Rauch To Arizona for Emilio Bonifacio.

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The Results of's most recent poll asking:

Which Nationals' Player Is Most Likely To Be Moved Before The July 31st Trade Deadline?

Results: 46 Votes Cast...

Jon Rauch : 16 votes - 34%

Felipe Lopez : 14 votes - 30%

Paul Lo Duca : 9 votes - 19%

Tim Redding : 5 votes - 10%

Now the BIG ? is BIG ENOUGH for A New POLL...

The Nationals traded Rauch to the Arizona Diamondbacks for 23-year-old second baseman Emilio Bonifacio, who made his MLB debut last September 7th, and was described at the time in D-Backs' writer Michael Schwartz's article, "Notes: D-Backs get reinforcements", where Mr. Schwartz wrote:

"Bonifacio, the only player called up from Double-A, provides a speed factor the club did not have. The switch-hitter could be used to pinch-run or as a pinch-hitter leading off an inning with the kind of speed that Melvin compared to the Mets' Jose Reyes and some of the best runners in baseball."

While I personally will be upset that I won't get to write about the Tallest Pitcher in MLB History as often, I did see this coming(Rauch moving that is), and this is a trade that will pay off in a few years when the 5'10'' right-handed hitting and throwing infielder hopefully plays a part in the Nationals' rebuilt starting lineup...

I can imagine it now...

Ryan Zimmerman, Esmailyn Gonzalez, Emilio Bonifacio and Chris Marrero around the infield, and Elijah Dukes, Lastings Milledge and Michael Burgess left to right in the outfield, with Jesus Flores catching Ross Detwiler, Collin Balester, Josh Smoker, Jordan Zimmerman(n), etc...Ahh!!!...2012....So close and yet...