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There's a lot going on today at, so much so that the Game Thread has been buried way down on the front page, so I figured I'd provide some easy navigation for anyone who wants to stay up late and watch the Nationals in San Francisco, while at the same time rounding up all the news from a busy day in DC Baseball for anyone who's just starting to catch up...

Tonight's Game ThreadGame Thread: Washington Nationals at San Francisco Giants- 2008 Game 100 of 162. "Do You Know What The Kids Call Ryan Zimmerman?"

Dave at Bottomfeeder Baseball's Posts -

"Nats Extend Guzman Two Years, Terms Undisclosed."

"The Hits Keep On Coming: Nats Trade Rauch For Bonifacio."

eylf1004 was first with the news of the Rauch Trade @

"Rauch Traded."

Here's a look at what the D-Backs' fans at the SBN's Diamondbacks' blog AZ Snakepit think of the trade - (courtesy of Red Reign's post):

"Emilio Bonifacio Traded For Relief Arm Jon Rauch."

And as an added bonus, Doghouse checked in before all the signing and trading started with a new "Tuesday Nats Stats", which will be featured tomorrow, on Wednesday where it belongs, but feel free to preview the front page from 9:00 am now...

The Return of Tuesday Nats Stats: "Who's league average?"

Who's Watching the Watchmen? Ooops, Sorry, I mean, "Who's Watching the Nationals?