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Washington Nationals at San Francisco Giants: Game Report..."The Nationals Lose The Season Series Against San Francisco...The Whole Series."

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(Game Report by Scout)

Thrillie Harris pops out to short center where Giants' centerfielder Aarron Rowand races in and makes the grab to retire the Nationals' leadoff hitter. Cristian Guzman grounds out to Emmanuel Burriss, two down. Ryan Zimmerman flies out to Randy Winn in right and San Francisco starter Matt Cain is through the first unscathed...Dave "Yankee Killer" Roberts is back, sans-moustache, leading off the game for the Giants. Roberts slaps a screamer past Guzman at short for a leadoff hit. Roberts is running, Jose Castillo swinging - but Castillo flies to Austin Kearns in right for the first out. Roberts ignores the middle infield deke and retreats to first. Winn grounds to Felipe Lopez at second, who takes the lead runner out, Winn safe at first. Aaron Rowand K's on outside heat, Winn's stranded as Washington righty Tim Redding finishes off the first. 

Kearns pops the first pitch of the second inning out to John Bowker at first. DC catcher Johnny Estrada whiffs feebly on a curve in the batter's box dirt. Paul Lo Duca tops one to Rich Aurilia at third, to Bowker for the third out and an easy 1-2-3 for Cain in the second...Bowker flies to Kearns in RF, one down. Aurilia grounds out to the Guzzz, two down. Burriss chops to Felipe Lopez who nips the speedy shortstop for another 1-2-3 frame.

F. Lopez breaks his bat on a 1-2 curve at the ankles for the first out of the third. Langerhans pops to short. Redding grounds to Aurilia, who throws across the diamond for another 1-2-3 inning...San Fran catcher Steve Holm leads off with a sharp liner that falls in front of Willie Harris. Cain attempts to bunt, pops it up, Lo Duca tries to let it drop for the DP, but the ball rolls foul. Cain's second bunt attempt is too hard back to Redding, who has trouble getting the ball out of his glove and takes the easy out at first. Roberts flies to Langerhans in shallow left. Castillo swings through two sliders, but works the count back to full. Castillo chops the 3-2 pitch off of the plate, Redding attempts a bare-hand play but misses the ball, infield hit. First and third, two out for Randy Winn: (.400 AVG w/ 2 out RISP)...Winn K's swinging at a back-door curve.

Willie Harris pops to short left, Roberts calls off Burriss for the 10th straight out. Guzzz grounds up the middle...but Castillo ranges and throws him out on the run. Zimmerman scorches a double into the right center gap between Rowand and Winn for the Nats' first hit. Kearns K's looking at a fastball under his hands, called strike three to end the inning...Aaron Rowand singles to start the Giants' fourth. Bowker grounds to Redding, who picks a sharp grounder, to Guz at 2nd, Lo Duca at first, double play. Aurilia lines to left, Langerhans dives and grabs it, over-the-shoulder-diving catch for the third out.

Estrada grounds to Bowker. Lo Duca flies to Rowand at the track in center. F. Lopez grounds to Castillo in the hole at second, Castillo throws him out to end the Nats' fifth...DC native Emmanuel Burriss tries to bunt his way on, Redding bare-hands and just gets him at first. Holm grounds out, F. Lopez to PLoD. Cain pops out to Kearns to end 5 scoreless...

Langerhans grounds a 3-2 pitch to Castillo, to Bowker, one down. Redding lashes a hanger to left for the Nat(ional)s' second hit of the afternoon. Harris drives a ball to the track in left, but Roberts tracks it down. The Guzzz grounds to short-to-first...Redding sneaks a low sinker by Roberts for a K-looking. Castillo grounds one toward the hole, Zim grabs it, 360 and throw in plenty of time for out #2. Redding catches Winn napping and K's him looking at an 0-2 change...

Zimmerman skies a 1-0 fastball to left for the 1st out. Kearns lunges at a low curve and grounds out, Aurilia to Bowker. Winn closes his glove on Estrada's lazy fly to right field...Rowand singles between Zim and the Guzzz to start the home half of the 7th. Redding ignores Rowand, who promptly steals second, Estrada's throw bounces in late. Bowker flies out unproductively. Aurilia grounds out to third, Burriss grounds out to short, seven scoreless...

Cain throws another quick 1-2-3, retiring Lo Duca, Lopez and Langerhans in the 8th...Steve Holm singles thru short for a leadoff single. Eugenio Velez on to run for the catcher. Cain lays down a sac bunt to advance Velez. Dave Roberts drills a single under a diving Cristian Guzman, Velez scores from second, 1-0 Giants. Jose Castillo's up when Estrada nails D. Roberts trying to take second. Redding throws a high two-strike fastball by Castillo...

Jesus Flores pinch hits for Redding, and strikes out swinging over a two-strike slider. Willie Harris beats out an infield grounder when Bowker drops the throw to first. The Guzz drills a double down the line in left. Harris to 3rd. Zimmerman...flies out to short right. Harris feints toward home, but stays...AK? 2 on, 2 out for Austin Kearns...who flies out to right. Cain and the Giants shutout the Nationals. Cain 1-0. Giants 7-0:

San Francisco vs Washington 2008 7-Game Series...

4 Games in DC...

6/6 - Giants 10 Nationals 1 

6/7 Giants 6 Nationals 0 

6/8 Giants 6 Nationals 3

6/9 Giants 3 Nationals 2

3 Games in San Francisco...

7/22 Giants 6 Nationals 3

7/23 Giants 6 Nationals 4

7/24 Giants 1 Nationals 0

Nationals now 38-64. (Countdown to 100 Losses Stands At...36.)