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Washington Nationals vs Cincinnati Reds: Game Report..."Brandon Phillips Beats The Nationals Again...Nationals Lose Dukes To Knee Injury."


Roger Bernadina’s ground ball back to the mound glances off the leather of Reds’ starter Josh Fogg’s glove, and the speedy Nationals' leadoff hitter reaches first easily. Bernadina’s looking for his first MLB steal, but not this time, as Paul Bako and Jerry Hairston, Jr. combine to cut him down at second. Cristian Guzman goes to Hairston’s backhand, but the shortstop makes the play. Elijah Dukes rrrrips a double by third and into the left field corner for a two-out double. DY grounds to short to end the top of the first...Cristian Guzman ranges to his left, takes a knee as he slides, turns and fires to first in time to get Jerry Hairston, Jr. Redding quickly dispatches Jay Bruce for his first K, but Ken Griffey, Jr. finds unguarded grass in right for a two-out single. Brandon Phillips waits for his pitch from Redding, and then lines it into right for the second straight single. Adam Dunn drops a swinging bunt down the third base line to load the bases with two down. Joey Votto lifts one deep to left, Elijah Dukes sprints back to the track and makes the grab to end the first. 0-0. 


Austin Kearns takes a leadoff walk from Fogg in the second. Aaron Boone gets hold of a sinker that doesn’t and pulls it to left to put two on for Jesus Flores, WWJD? Jesus Flores flies out to second. Willie Harris flies out to center unproductively, leaving it up to Redding...who smacks a curve into left center for a single to score Kearns. 1-0 Nationals. Bernadina grounds out to end the DC second...Edwin Encarnacion flies out to Dukes in left. Paul Bako pops out to Bernadina in center. Redding gets a groundout to short from the opposing pitcher and it’s 1-0 DC after two. 


Cristian Guzman singles through second to start the third.* Elijah Dukes flies out to Griffey, Jr. in the corner in right. DY chops one to first, Joey Votto at first fields, throws to second, Hairston, Jr. throws back to first, in time, double play...Jerry Hairston, Jr. singles to start the home half of the third. DY knocks down Jay Bruce’s grounder and settles for the out at first. Ken Griffey Jr.’s fly ball to right dies on the warning track, Hairston takes third. Brandon Phillips grounds to short, Guzman throws him out. 1-0 DC after three. 


Austin Kearns drives one deeeep to center, but Reds’ centerfielder Jay Bruce pulls it down off the top of the wall. Aaron Boone ramps a single over the mound and into center. Flores watches a two-strike fastball all the way into Paul Bako’s glove. Willie Harris pops out to short. 1-0 middle of the fourth...Cristian Guzman drops Adam Dunn’s grounder, but recovers in time to get the first out of the Reds’ fourth. Redding throws a high fastball by Joey Votto for a swinging K. Edwin Encarnacion doubles to left, and it wraps around the outfield wall allowing him to take second uncontested. Redding gives Bako the intentionals to bring up the pitcher, who goes down swinging to end the fourth. 


Redding and Bernadina go down quickly in the fifth. Cristian Guzman pops the first pitch out to center. 1-2-3 fifth for Fogg. Jerry Hairston, Jr. singles through second. Jay Bruce flies out to left. Ken Griffey, Jr. unloads on a low slider and drives it to right for a single. Hairston to third. Brandon Phillips goes opposite field to the corner in right, where Kearns tracks it down, but too deep to have a chance at home, Hairston scores. 1-1 ballgame. Dunn swings over a slider inside. Tied after five. 

Elijah Dukes reaches safely when Joey Votto can’t hold onto Encarnacion’s throw from third. Dukes steals second. DY flies out unproductively to left. Austin Kearns works the count full, and flies out unproductively to left. Aaron Boone works the count full, and pops out to the catcher. 1-1 middle of six...Joey Votto drives a single through second, beyond Willie Harris’ outstretched glove. Encarnacion pops out to the infield. Paul Bako grounds to short, Guzman to Harris to DY, double play. 1-1 after six.


Jesus Flores grounds out to start the seventh. Willie Harris skies one over third that Encarnacion plays easily. Wily Mo Pena pinch hits for Redding against Reds’ reliever David Weathers, and unless he hits a solo shot, Redding will not receive a decision(again)...WMP flies out to left, No decision for Redding tonight...Corey Patterson pinch hits for Fogg, and singles to start the Reds’ seventh. Hairston drops a successful sac bunt. Patterson to second. Saul “Sa-ool” Rivera gets a fly ball to left from Jay Bruce...and DUKES GOES DOWN WITH A KNEE INJURY!!(Latest update from Washington Post Writer Chico Harlan)...Charlie Manning’s on to face Ken Griffey, Jr. two out, man on third...Manning gets a K when Griffey fails to check his swing. 1-1 after seven. 


Reds’ reliever Mike Lincoln takes the mound in the 8th. Roger Bernadina swings over a curve. Guzman goes down looking. Ronnie “Pinch Hit” Belliard...fights off an outside strike, but just grounds out to second. 1-1 middle of eight. Brandon Phillips grounds out. “Wild” Joel Hanrahan gets a weak grounder to first from Dunn. Hanrahan walks Joey Votto, and gives up an arching single to right from Edwin Enarnacion that allows Votto to take third. "Hanrahan’s walk" scores when Paul Bako singles through second. 2-1 Reds. Hanrahan faces pinch hitter Javier Valentin, and throws the high-heater by the veteran bat for the final out of the eighth. 


Francisco Cordero out to close the third straight Reds’ win. Three outs to get one run for DC...DY takes a leadoff walk, Felipe Lopez on to run. Austin Kearns drills a single to center. Aaron Boone gets down a successful sac bunt. Second and third for Jesus Flores. WWJD? Sac fly to left on a slider outside. Felipe Lopez tags and scores. 2-2 tie. Willie Harris grounds out to end the top of the ninth..."Wild" Joel Hanrahan's back for the ninth...Jerry Hairston, Jr.  singles to start the Reds' ninth...Jay Bruce is up, Hairston steals second. Bruce goes down swinging. Hanrahan issues the intentionals to Griffey, Jr. Luis Ayala vs Brandon Phillips...Single to center...Reds win. 3-2 final. Reds take three straight. 


* = Guzman Now Has A 13 Game Hitting Streak


Nationals now  34-55.