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Arizona Diamondbacks at Washington Nationals: Game Report..."MLB Umpire, Angel Hernandez, 'The Umpire You Always Notice' Tosses Washington Starter Odalis Perez And Webb Dominates Everyone But AK As AZ Cruises..."

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Arizona outfielder Chris Young grounds to DC third baseman Ronnie Belliard, who throws out the D-Backs’ leadoff batter in the top of the first. “Opening Night” Odalis Perez pops up Stephen Drew and gets a high fly into the setting sun from Orlando Hudson that Austin Kearns catches while shielding his eyes...AZ righty Brandon Webb, somewhat predictably, gets a groundout from Felipe Lopez for the first out of the Nationals’ first. Ronnie Belliard goes with an outside fastball and singles into right. Cristian Guzman grounds to second, Ronnie Belliard avoids the Initial tag, but Hudson slows him enough that he can throw to first and Conor Jackson can throw to Drew covering second to apply the tag on Belliard for an inning-ending DP. 


Odalis Perez walks Conor Jackson to start the second inning. Jackson tries to steal second, but Jesus Flores throws him out from his knees! Odalis Perez gets a called strike three on a disgruntled Mark Reynolds. Justin Upton skies one to short right and a sprinting Austin Kearns almost overruns it, but ends up trapping it to his chest for the final out of the frame...After a nice play in the outfield, Austin Kearns singles up the middle to start the DC second. DY goes to a full count with Webb, and takes a walk to put two on in front of Jesus Flores, WWJD? Flores grounds weakly to third, leaving time for only the force out at second. Wily Mo Pena swings over a sinking change in the dirt. Roger Bernadina grounds out to second to strand two and end two scoreless. 


AZ catcher Robby Hammock grounds out to third. Chris Burke beats out a hard-hit grounder to Guzman at short, when the throw floats wide of first pulling DY off the bag. Odalis Perez throws high and tight when Webb leans in to bunt and it hits off Webb’s bat for a strike and now-timid pitcher eventually strikes out trying to get a sac down...

The Home Plate Ump, Angel “Look At Me” Hernandez calls Perez on a balk, giving the D-Backs the extra base they were looking for from Webb. Chris Young flicks a single to center, Burke scores. 1-0 Arizona. Umpire Angel "Look At Me" Hernandez calls another balk on Odalis Perez, and the pitcher’s had enough...AND Odalis Perez just got tossed...Well done, (Ch)Ump!!...

...DC reliever Steven Shell walks the first batter he faces, Stephen Drew. Orlando Hudson grounds up the mid...Felipe Lopez dives and gets the grounder, then rolls over and tosses it to Belliard at second to end a long top of the third...Shell strikes out swinging to start the bottom of the inning. Felipe Lopez grounds out to short. Belliard swings over a change. Three scoreless for Webb. 1-0 D-Backs. 


Steven Shell gives up a one-out walk to Mark Reynolds. Justin Upton doubles to center, Reynolds takes third. Robby Hammock flies out unproductively. Shell issues the intentionals to Chris Burke to bring up Brandon Webb, who goes down looking to end the Arizona fourth...Austin Kearns hits a one-out single off Webb in the Nationals’ half. Kearns is running, and DY hits a perfect hit and run single allowing Kearns to take third. WWJD? Flores stikes out swinging over an inside strike. WMP? Brandon Webb throws over to check DY, and the entire crowd screams, “BALK” as if it were rehearsed. WMP takes a fastball down the pipe for strike three to end the fourth. (ed. note - "WMP can no longer recognize fastballs.")Two more runners stranded. 


Shell walks leadoff hitter Chris Young and then strikes out Stephen Drew. Orlando Hudson grounds to first, DY steps on first and then catches Chris Young in a rundown CY can’t escape. Double play...Bottom of the fifth...Roger Bernadina works the count full and then grounds out to second. Pinch hitter Kory Casto doubles off the out-of-town scoreboard in right and slides in headfirst at second!!! Felipe Lopez flies out to Chris Young in center. Ronnie Belliard grounds to third...but Mark Reynolds can’t come up with it, Casto to third. First and third for Guzman...and Webb walks the Guzzz to load the bases for AK. Kearns fouls off a 3-1 fastball, and then flies out to left to end the fifth. Still 1-0 Arizona. 


Austin Kearns tracks down the first out of the sixth off the bat of Conor Jackson. Stephen Drew lifts a bloop single to center off DC reliever Saul “Sa-ool” Rivera. Justin Upton chases a sinking fastball for a swinging strike three. Robby Hammock drills a low liner to center, and Roger Bernadina pulls up short as it drops, and then misses the ball, which rolls all the way to the wall, Drew scores. 2-0 D-Backs...DY drives a single to right in DC’s sixth. Jesus Flores strikes out swinging. WMP grounds into a force at second. Bernadina grounds out to second. Webb through six scoreless. 2-0 AZ. 


Pinch hitter Emilio Bonifacio...grounds back to the mound. Saul Rivera gets Chris Young swinging. Stephen Drew grounds out to end the top of the seventh...Stand up and stretch...Chad “DJ” Qualls replaces Webb and gets a grounds out from pinch hitter Willie Harris. Felipe Lopez flies out to left. Ronnie Belliard hits one off the end of his bat to second to end the seventh. 


“Wild” Joel Hanrahan’s gonna pitch the eighth for DC. A 96 mph heater gets Orlando Hudson swinging. Conor Jackson grounds out to Guzman at short. WMP is playing a long way from where Mark Reynolds hits a line drive, but Pena tracks it down and makes shoestring catch to end the Arizona eighth. AZ righty Tony Pena gets Cristian Guzman to line out to S. Drew at short, probably ending Guzman’s hitting streak. Austin Kearns goes down swinging. Tony Pena paints the inside corner to get DY with his bat on his shoulder. 2-0 D-Backs after eight. 


Hanrahan gets Upton to ground out to short. Robby Hammock flies out to right. Chris Burke grounds out to short, Guzman guns him...AZ righty reliever Brandon Lyon breaks Flores’ bat and gets a pop out. WMP grounds out to second. Roger Bernadina...grounds out. AZ wins 2-0.


Nationals now 34-57.