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Arizona Diamondbacks at Washington Nationals: Game Report..."'Cool Hand' Lannan, 'Wild' Joel Hanrahan, Luis Ayala And The Tallest Pitcher In MLB History Combine To Blank The D-Backs."


Cristian Guzman fields a ground ball and throws out Arizona’s Chris Young, who leads off the first. DC lefty John Lannan gets Augie Ojeda to ground to Guzman again. Orlando Hudson singles with two out, but Lannan gets a pop fly to first from Conor Jackson who decides not to avoid DY in the basepath, and the two collide with Jackson called out for interference...Willie Harris pops up to Orlando Hudson two steps into the outfield grass. Felipe Lopez grounds right into shortstop Augie Ojeda’s mitt. Guzman flies out to right, scoreless first for D’Backs’ righty Micah Owings.


Mark Reynolds flies out to deep center where Willie Harris makes the catch. Ground ball to Guzman is the theme so far, Chad Tracy plays along with another groundout. AZ catcher Robby Hammock takes John Lannan’s first walk with two down, but Emilio Bonifacio grounds into a force at second to end the top of the frame...DY drives a one-out single to center for the first hit off Owings. Ronnie Belliard gets “hit” in the front of his jersey by a fastball inside. Paul Lo Duca up with two on, one out. Lo Duca takes a fastball in the legs, and takes first. Bases loaded for Kory Casto...Owings walks in a run. 1-0 DC. John Lannan grounds to Reynolds at third, tags the bag, throws to first, double play.


Power hitter Micah Owings hits a broken bat single to center to lead off the third. Chris Young blisters one back to the mound, Lannan fields and throws to second, Guzman to DY, double play. Augie Ojeda...grounds out to second to end the inning...Willie Harris grounds to Chad Tracy who fields and tags first. Felipe Lopez flies out to left. Guzman stares at strike three on a slider outside that ends up in...Top of the fourth, Orlando Hudson? Grounds out to Guzman. Lannan walks Conor Jackson. Mark Reynolds grounds to second, Lopez to Guzman to DY, double play to end Arizona’s fourth...Owings hits Austin Kearns in the shoulder. DY flies out unproductively to left. Ronnie Belliard strikes out swinging. Lo Duca lines out to third. 1-0 DC after four. 


Kory Casto makes it all the way over to the line in left to catch a foul ball off of Chad Tracy's bat. Robby Hammock grounds out to third. Emilio Bonifacio grounds back to the mound. Five scoreless for Lannan...After Casto grounds out, Micah Owings walks Lannan with one down in the DC fifth. Willie Harris grounds into a force at second, but beats out the throw over to first. Felipe Lopez gets a two-out walk. Guzman gets under a high fastball and flies out to left. 1-0 DC after five. 


Lannan gets over to cover on Micah Owings' groundball to first. Lannan issues a one-out walk to Chris Young. Augie Ojeda grounds to second, Lopez nonchalantly shuffles to Guzman to DY, double play to end the AZ sixth...AK grounds out to short. Owings walks DY. Ronnie Belliard pops out over home. Lo Duca walks, two on, two outs for Kory Casto...and Owings is done. Cast-O* faces Arizona reliever Connor Robertson, and CAST-O! pulls a hard-hit-liner to right...over Bonifacio’s head and off the wall, DY scores. 2-0 DC on Cast-O's double. Jesus Flores will pinch hit. WWJD? Flores goes deeeeep to left and GONE!! Into the back of the visitor’s bullpen!! Three-run blast. 5-0 Nationals. Willie Harris walks. Felipe Lopez flies out to end the sixth. 


Orlando Hudson grounds out to Felipe Lopez. “Wild” Joel Hanrahan gives up a single to Conor Jackson, but Mark Reynolds lines to Lopez at second, who fires to first to double up Jackson...Stand up and stretch...The Guzzz starts another hitting streak with a single to lead off the seventh off D’Backs righty Leo Rosales. DY follows with a single of his own and there are two runners on for Ronnie Belliard. Belliard grounds a 2-2 pitch to second so Orlando Hudson just tags DY and fires to first to end the seventh. 5-0 Nationals. 


Luis Ayala gets a great play from Belliard at first to rob Chad Tracy of a single. Robby Hammock swings over strike three from Luis...and Bonifacio just stares at strike three and walks back to the dugout as Ayala continues to shut out the D-Backs. Augie Ojeda dives to rob Lo Duca of a single up the middle. Cast-O beats out Ojeda’s throw for a single. Roger Bernadina strikes out with Cast-O running, but Cast-O slides through Ojeda’s legs to beat the tag. Willie Harris makes the D-Backs' scouting report look good by lining right into the alignment designed specifically for him, with Ojeda playing just a step to the left of second. 5-0 after eight. 


The Tallest Pitcher in MLB History, Jon Rauch is on to end it in the ninth. Alex Romero gets a pinch hit appearance, and uses it to fly out to Casto in left. Chris Young swings through a high and rising fastball for strike three and out number two...Now in center field...Roger Bernadina catches the final out of the evening off Augie Ojeda’s bat. Nationals win 5-0. Breaking their six-game losing streak. 


Key - * = O-ffense!!! Casto!!(clapclap) Casto!!!(clapclap)


Nationals now 35-57.