Good afternoon NATS fans!

Today the Washington Post (WP) put out an article that I thought fans might feel good reading about.

The most important point of the article, I felt, was the following:  "Which makes it all the more remarkable how little booing one hears at the ballpark, how generally welcoming and optimistic Washington fans are with regard to the young folks who are being brought up from here and there to try to create some future for a team going through a truly hideous series of events, and how many people keep turning out for games."

Gang, remember the lovable losers of Boston?  How about those of Chicago (CUBS)?  Those franchises lost for eons.  Look at them both in the past five years.  Competitive and winners.  It's only a matter of time before the CUBS get their ring.  This year most likely will be it.  But even more importantly, look at the turnout for those teams even w/out rings...PHENOMENAL!

I know that time is the most precious thing to some of us and some of us don't want to wait to be winners but...The NATS time will come...Later probably before sooner.

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