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Game Thread: Atlanta Braves at Washington Nationals - 2008 Game 136 of 162. "The Road Trip...Day Two."

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(ed. note - For the next two days I'll be on vacation from my work-a-day life in DC's Nationals Park, so I'm gonna schedule Game Threads for each game of the weekend series here and update throughout the weekend in the Comments sections with info, and i'll also include each night's section and seat number when I get tickets so anyone who wants to can stop by yell at me about my unabashed enthusiasm for an 85-loss team, or my non-stop run-on sentences, and I can explain how my theory of sentence structure stretches back from Ginsberg to Whitman to Blake...Hope the threat of that lecture doesn't keep anyone away. I'll stick to baseball talk, I promise.")

GAME 2 of 3...Saturday Night 7:10 pm EST Atlanta Braves vs Washington Nationals...

On The Hill...

Jason Bergmann, (2-10, 4.56 ERA), Neptune...New Jersey's favorite son, starts the second of the three in the weekend series with their NL East rivals from Atlanta against Braves' lefty Jo-Jo Reyes, (3-10, 5.34 ERA), who pitches for the first time in Nationals Park after having been knocked around a bit by the Nationals in his previous (and only) start against Washington back on July 20th at the Ted.

Jo Jo Reyes, (3-10, 5.34 ERA), was out after 2.1 innings in the initial '08 meeting with Washington, which ended up 15-6 DC, with Reyes having give up 7 hits, 6 runs and 4 walks before being lifted. Bergmann's got two relief appearances against the Braves this season, during which he's surrendered 6 hits, 5 ER and 1 HR in two 2.0 inning appearance.

In his 4-year career with Washington, Bergmann's given up 38 hits, 21 ER's and 7 HR's to Atlanta in 51.1 innings pitched, over which he's allowed 20 walks while striking out 47 with a 3.68 ERA against the Braves. (1-2) in his 5 August starts, Bergmann's posted a 5.97 ERA in 28.2 IP. Reyes is (0-1) in 2 August starts for Atlanta, with a 5.40 ERA in 11.2 IP. Reyes hasn't won a start since June 13th, and Bergmann's got just a win over Colorado on August 7th, before that, Bergmann hadn't won a game...since...May 15th against NY...

Nationals' #'s Against Jo-Jo Reyes...

Jesus Flores - 2 for 2, 1.000 AVG, 1 RBI.

Willie Harris - 1 for 1, 1.000 AVG, 2 RBI's.

Ryan Langerhans - 1 for 2, .500 AVG.

Braves vs Bergmann...

Chipper Jones - 5 for 16, .313 AVG, 1 2B, 2 HR, 6 RBI's.

Casey Kotchman - 2 for 3, .667 AVG.

Brian McCann - 6 for 17, .353 AVG, 2 2B, 3 HR's, 4 RBI's.

Check the NatCast if you're heading to Nationals Park...

7:10 PM start time for the second of three between DC and the ATL...Bergie vs Jo-Jo...Who's Watching The Nationals?