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Washington Nationals at New York Mets: Game Report...Mets 10 Nationals 8.


One Man's Loss Is Another Man's Quest For The #1 Pick.


Former Met Anderson Hernandez takes a low fastball out to center where Carlos Beltran catches the first out of the evening. Ryan Church has to charge hard to get in for Cristian Guzman’s sliced fly to right. Ryan Zimmerman strokes a grounder through short for a two-out single. Oliver Perez comes in with a 1-2 fastball and Lastings Milledge leans back thinking inside as it’s called strike three...Jose Reyes pushes a high fastball through second for a leadoff single. Cristian Guzman fields a weak grounder from Ryan Church, and gets the force at second, but the throw to first is late. David Wright strikes out with Ryan Church running, and Wil Nieves’ throw is high, but close enough for the strike ‘em out, throw ‘em out to end a scoreless first...


Elijah Dukes pops to short left, and Carlos Beltran cruises in at the last moment to make the catch. Aaron Boone takes a one-out walk from Oliver Perez. Willie Harris skies the second out to Church in right. Wil Nieves drives the first pitch to right to end the DC second...Ryan Zimmerman’s throw to first pulls Boone of the bag, but he tags Carlos Beltran for the first out. Carlos Delgado snaps his bat at the handle and the broken barrell swings around and hits him in the head as he singles into left. Fernando Tatis sends a laser over third for a double, moving Delgado to third. Damion Easley drops a line drive inside the line in left to score both runners for a 2-0 Mets’ lead. John Lannan drops a two-strike bender in to get Brian Schneider looking...and complaining. Oliver Perez flies out to Milledge. 2-0 NY after two. 


Oliver Perez gets to turn the table on Lannan, swinging K to start the third. Anderson Hernandez slaps a single to left center. IT’S THE GUZZZZ! Towering two-run HR to left and off the facade above the outfield wall. 2-2 ballgame. Ryan Zimmerman rips into a low slider and lines it through short for a single. Lasting Milledge flies weakly to center. Elijah Dukes' fly to left is a little too high, and Tatis makes the catch to end  the frame...Guzman has to unload quickly so his throw beats Jose Reyes to first. Ryan Church takes a 2-0 fastball to right and gone in a hurry, 3-2 NY on the solo blast. David Wright goes back up the middle for a single. Carlos Beltran knocks one off the 371 ft sign in right center, and Wright makes the mistake of running on Dukes, who hits the cut-off man, who fires home to Nieves, “You’re OUT!” yells the Ump as Wright slides in late. Two down. Carlos Delgado bounces a HR high off the scoreboard. 5-2 NY. Lannan gets out of the frame...

Comment Section:

"DELGADO...bounces a two-run blast off the scoreboard. 5-2 NY." 

                                   "Everything I say is a "little" sarcastic." - e chigliak

"Boy, what happened with Lannan?"

"I'm always proud of a walk. I love walks. That's my mantra." --Sooper Dooks

                                                                                                        - Doghouse.

(ed. note - At this point, I accepted an invitation to watch the rest of the game with an old friend, who just happens to be a Mets' fan.)

Mets' starter Oliver Perez gives up a walk and a single in the top of the fourth, when DC Manager Manny Acta hits for Lannan, bringing in Alberto "The General" Gonzalez, who singles in a run, followed by Anderson Hernandez, who singles in two, and then Guzman singles, and Oliver Perez is done....replaced on the mound by Mets' reliever and Nationals-Hater Extraordinaire, Nelson Figueroa, who quickly gives up the fifth and sixth-straight singles of the inning for DC, as the Nationals settle for a 7-5 lead when Aaron Boone grounds into a double play to end a bases-loaded one-out threat...

Comment Section:

"OllyPerez 3 1/3 Innings...Why I’d NEVER Trust Him In My Rotation..."

                                                                                 - Winston Smith 

"Now six hits in a row! REVENGE OF THE SOFTBALL GIRLS!" 

I'm always proud of a walk. I love walks. That's my mantra." --Sooper Dooks                                                                                                                   -Doghouse 

"Poor Nelson!""Everything I say is a "little" sarcastic." - e chigliak

Lannan's replaced on the mound by Marco Estrada for the bottom of the fourth, and Estrada gives up a leadoff single, records a K and then surrenders a second single on which Willie Harris commits an error in left that puts two runners in scoring position and brings DC reliever Garrett Mock out of the pen...A groundout by Wright and a single by Beltran, and it's all tied up at 7-7 after four. 

Pinch Hittin' Pete Orr hits in Mock's spot in the top of the fifth and singles with Willie Harris on first, after walking. Anderson Hernandez follows with an RBI groundout to give the Nationals an 8-7 lead...Jason Bergmann comes on in the fifth for DC, in his first relief appearance since being banished to the bullpen, and turns in a fine performance, after a shaky start, walking the leadoff batter, before retiring the next three in order to end the fifth...and after the Nationals fail to add to their lead in the top of the sixth, Bergmann's back out for the bottom of the frame, and he gives up a leadoff single to Church, before popping up David Wright and being replaced on the mound by DC lefty Charlie Manning...

Comment Section: (edited for brevity, comedy, etc.)

"Any reason you guys chose to play solid ball this late in the season?"

- " I'm not always right. But I'm never wrong. " - LOUtheMETSfan


"Mets Always Bring Out The Nats'-A-Game...THAT’S What Rivalries Are Built On…"

                                                                                 - Winston Smith

"You'll have to p*** us off like the phillies before this becomes a rivalry..." 

" I'm not always right. But I'm never wrong. " - LOUtheMETSfan


"Let's Go Marlins!!!" -  

- "Everything I say is a "little" sarcastic." - e chigliak


"That helps... ;-)..."

 " I'm not always right. But I'm never wrong. " - LOUtheMETSfan 

...Charlie Manning(BS, L) gives up back to back home runs, a two-run blast for Carlos Beltran and a solo shot by Carlos Delgado, and the Mets retake the lead 10-8 after six. The Mets' bullpen then takes over the game, with "Generic" Joe Smith, Scot Schoeneweis, Brian Stokes and former National, Luis "Set-Up" Ayala, (who is now officially the Mets' closer with Wagner's potentially career-ending injury)... a job Mets' announcer Ron Darling claims Ayala secretly coveted in DC, and Ayala gets Milledge, Dukes and Kory Casto in order to end the game, 10-8 NY, as the Mets stretch their NL East lead to 2.5 after Florida tops Philadelphia, 10-8, in an equally run-filled affair. Nationals lose. Mets win. 10-8 final. 

Comments Section:


"One step closer to Strasburg..."


- "Everything I say is a "little" sarcastic." - e chigliak


"Only If The Padres Win..."  - Winston Smith


Nationals now 56-89. (Countdown To 100 Losses Stands At 11.)