Goodbye Columbus, NATS AAA team

Well, just to continue the turmoil, the Nats have now ended their connection to Columbus, Ohio as a AAA affiliate. This lasted all of two years with the former Yankee AAA city. Now the question is where the team will put its top minor league team. probably far from the DC fans and sportswirters to hide the fact that the "Plan "is not working. The Wash. Post seems to feel Syracuse, NY, will be open when the Blue Jays farm team leaves. The logical place would be in Richmond, VA, because of its closeness to DC. The Braves are leaving there after some 40 years. Richmond, however, needs a new stadium up to AAA standards, and I'm sure the Lerners will do nothing to help in that area. 


Now here's the surprise sleeper that the Wash. Post mentions in passing, as a possible new location for the Nats AAA team. Now since I'm big on the whole Lerner strategy as to where they are going with ownership of the Nats, that is, keep all costs low and sell the team for twice what it is worth in about 5 years, the magic city mentioned as the next possible location is none other than Las Vegas, NV. Yes, that's right, Las Vegas, the town that lost out to DC for the Nats. If the Nats move their farm team to Las Vegas, I believe, that will be a good indicator as to where the team might be headed in about five years. The strategy here is to build up fan support for the Nats organization than sell and move the team to Las Vegas, land of gold and honey. All of this will be after the Nats Lerner organization continues to field a minor league team with poor marketing and relations with the city resulting in ever decreasing fan attendance. This  all will give the Lerner's a reason to sell the team for a huge profit under the pretenses that DC cannot support a team, but somehow Baltimore can. I believe a secret deal or agreement was made long ago between the Lerners, MLB, and Peter Angeloes dealing with this whole scenario.MLB does not want to be in DC.

Maybe I should change my name to "Nats Cynic'. I pray that I am wrong and the Nats will acquire a few major, blue chip players in the off season, but I don't count on it.


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