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Nationals 9 Marlins 4...Washington Nationals' Rookie Shairon Martis Records First MLB Win.


Shairon Martis Records First MLB "W"...

Shairon Martis gave up three singles and a run to the first four Marlins' batters he faced tonight in DC, and when he left the game after walking two with one out in the fifth, and Washington ahead just 4-2 to a team they've lost 13 of 15 to so far this season, the chances of the 21-year-old rookie right-hander recording his first MLB win seemed tenuous at best, and slightly less so one batter later when Dan Uggla singled off reliever Steven Shell to knock in a run making it 4-3 DC with one out in the sixth...

...Shell gets a DP grounder in the next at bat, from Marlins' left fielder Josh Willingham to Ryan Zimmerman at third, Anderson Hernandez at second and Aaron Boone at first to end the Florida sixth, after which the Nationals add a run in the bottom of the frame on an RBI single by Alberto Gonzalez that makes it 5-3 DC, and leaves Gonzalez 3 for 4 with an RBI after six. 

Florida's right-handed reliever Eulogio De La Cruz throws a scoreless seventh, but his struggles in the eighth cost the Marlins the game. After a leadoff walk to Willie Harris and a sac bunt from DC backstop Wil Nieves, De La Cruz walks Roger Bernadina, giving Nationals' Skipper Manny Acta a chance to get creative, which he does with a double steal to put two in scoring position for Anderson Hernandez...and the Nationals' second baseman knocks them both in with a single to center that puts Washington up 7-3, then 8-3 on Alberto Gonzalez's fourth hit, (and second RBI), and 9-3 DC when Lastings Milledge knocks in his third run to end the night 3 for 4 with 3 RBI's and a .271 AVG. 

"Wild" Joel Hanrahan gives up a one-out solo shot to Cody Ross in the ninth to make it 9-4 DC, but that's all the Marlins manage as Hanrahan gets the last two swinging to end Shairon Martis' first win. 

Bats And Arms Working Simultaneously...

Shairon Martis struck out 5 over 5.1, allowed 5 hits, 3 runs and 2 walks, and was replaced on the mound by Steven Shell, who let one of Martis' walks cross, but got the Nationals through the sixth, at which point another rookie, lefty reliever Mike Hinckley came in to pitch 2.0 scoreless frames in which he allowed just 2 hits while striking out 1 adding to his scoreless-inning-streak, which after tonight, stands at 11.2 scoreless innings to begin his Major League career. (ed. note - "Watch out, Brad Ziegler!") 

The top of the Nationals' order: Anderson Hernandez, Alberto Gonzalez, Ryan Zimmerman and Lastings Milledge combine to go 11 for 19 with 9 RBI's, 2 doubles (both by Gonzalez), 1 HR (Zim's 14th), and even two two-out RBI's, one each from Gonzalez and Milledge. Elijah Dukes and Willie Harris each add a hit as DC gets 13 total, 8 off of Scott Olsen, who gives up 4 runs (3 earned) in 5.0 innings, 1 and 1 run off Jesus Delgado, and 4 hits and 4 runs off  De La Cruz before Renyel Pinto records the last out of the Nationals' eighth. 

Washington avoids loss #99, and the Nationals now must win four of five to avoid 100 losses, with two more against Florida tomorrow and Thursday and then three-straight in Philadelphia to close out DC's '08 campaign...

Let's Go Nats Go!! 

For The Completists, Full Game Report After The Jump...(Currently unedited)

Nationals now 59-98. (Countdown To 100 Losses STAYS At...2.)


DC’s rookie right-hander Shairon Martis comes back from 3-0 to a full count with Hanley Ramirez, who leads off for the Marlins with a short fly to center that drops in for a single in front of Nationals’ center fielder Lastings Milledge. Florida catcher John Baker lines a single over short into left. Jorge Cantu flies unproductively to short right where Willie Harris grabs it. Shairon Martis shatters Mike Jacob’s bat and the ball still falls in for a hit in right center to score Ramirez from second for a 1-0 Marlins’ lead. Dan Uggla grounds sharply to third, Ryan Zimmerman to Anderson Hernandez at second to Aaron Boone at first, double play to end the opening frame...Anderson Hernandez gets hold of a fastball from Scott Olsen and singles to left to start the Nationals’ first. Alberto Gonzalez flies unproductively to right. Ryan Zimmer... THE KIDS CALL HIM ZIM!! THE KIDS CALL HIM ZIM!!! Zimmerman turns a inside pitch out to left and GONE!! HR, ten rows deep in the left field stands. 2-1 Nationals. Lastings Milledge drills a single under a diving Jorge Cantu at third. Olsen throws to first trying to pick Milledge, but Mike Jacobs goes to throw before he catches the toss, allowing Milledge to move up, but Milledge tries for third and gets caught by Olsen. Elijah Dukes gets hit. Aaron Boone grounds out to short, some first...


THE HAMMER!! Josh Willingham takes Martis deep to left and just over a leaping Willie Harris and the wall, solo shot, 2-2 ballgame. Cody Ross swings over a 2-2- bender down low. It’s a two-strike change from Martis that gets Jeremy Hermida chasing. Scott Olsen goes down looking and heads back to the mound...Willie Harris singles through second to start bottom of the inning. Wil Nieves chops slowly to third, Harris takes second. Martis rips a liner to second, Uggla throws to first. Anderson Hernandez flies out to end the frame. 


Shairon Martis blows a fastball by Hanley Ramirez for a called strike three. John Baker grounds to Boone at first for the second out. Lastings Milledge uses two hands on Jorge Cantu’s fly ball, 2-2 midle of three...Alberto Gonzalez singles to center in front of Ryan Zimmerman. Zimmerman rips a double through Cantu’s legs and screaming into left to put two on for MIlledge. Lastings Milledge flies out productively to deep left, Gonzalez scores, Zimmerman to third, 3-2 DC. Elijah Dukes’ Discerning Eye draws a walk out of Olsen. Boone lines to third, Cantu to first, Dukes gets doubled-up. 


The General, Alberto Gonzalez has Mike Jacobs played perfectly, fielding and throwing him out in the top of the fourth. Gonzalez throws out Dan Uggla. Willingham flies out to Milledge, who catches it coming in...Willie Harris thinks it’s inside, but the Ump punches him out for the first out of DC’s fourth. Wil Nieves chops down on a high heater, grounding out to short. Martis tests Hanley Ramirez’s arm, but the Marlins’ shortstop guns the hustling pitcher to end the fourth.


Cody Ross smacks a leadoff single to short left. Jeremy Hermida pushes the first out to Harris in left. Scott Olsen flies out. Lastings Milledge calls Willie Harris off and catches Hanley Ramirez’s fly ball to end the top of the fifth...Anderson Hernandez hits a laser right at Willingham in left. Alberto Gonzalez hits the line in left on a double that bounces into the corner. Ryan Zimmerman sends a single to left, and Gonzalez to third. Lastings Milledge scores a run with a ground ball through second. 4-2 Nationals. Dukes beats out the back end of his own DP grounder. First and third for Boone, who gets called out looking and dramatically tosses his bat. 


John Baker’s all over Martis, but can’t keep it straight, eventually K’ing swinging at a curve in the dirt. Jorge Cantu works a walk. Martis walks Mike Jacobs. Martis is done. Steven Shell comes on to face Dan Uggla with two on, one out. After a few nice benders, Uggla rips a fastball to center to score Cantu, 4-3 DC. Josh Willingham grounds to third, Zimmerman to Hernandez to Boone, double play...Jesus Delgado faces DC in the bottom of the frame. Willie Harris takes a leadoff walk. Wil Nieves puts down a nice sac bunt. Pinch Hittin’ Pete Orr walks. Anderson Hernandez flies out unproductively to left. Alberto Gonzalez drives an RBI single to center, Harris scores, 5-3 DC. Zimmerman grounds out to short. 


Mike Hinckley starts the seventh for DC. Alberto Gonzalez throws out Cody Ross from deep in the hole at short. Jeremy Hermida grounds weakly to first. Paul Lo Duca lines a single to center, and Brett Carroll comes on to run. Hanley Ramirez pops out to the infield, that’s 10.2 scoreless to start his MLB career...Stand Up and Stretch...Eulogio De La Cruz vs Lastings Milledge. Milledge grounds weakly to third. Elijah Dukes drills a single up the middle. Boone grounds back to the mound, De La Cruz starts the DP. 


Mike Hinckley returns for the top of the eighth. Hinckley throws a high full-count fastball by John Baker. Jorge Cantu gets sawed off, and grounds weakly to third. Hinckley vs Jacobs. Lefty vs Lefty. Mike Jacobs doubles over Willie Harris’ head in left. Dan Uggla drives a 3-2 fastball to center, MIlledge just, just reaches up with his glove to make the grab while backpedaling, 5-3 DC after seven and a half, 11.2 scoreless for Hinckley... Willie Harris takes a leadoff walk De La Cruz. Wil Nieves gets down another sac bunt. Roger Bernadina with the pinch hit chance, takes a one-out walk. Bernadina and Harris are running, double steal!! Anderson Hernandez singles to shallow center, Harris scores, Bernadina scores, 7-3 DC. Alberto Gonzalez doubles off the wall in left, Anderson Hernandez trots in, 8-3 DC. Ryan Zimmerman K’s swinging. Milledge singles to center, Gonzalez scores, 9-3 DC. Renyel Pinto pitches to Dukes, Dukes flies out. 9-3 after eight. 


“Wild” Joel Hanrahan pops up Willingham. Cody Ross takes a fastball from Hanrahan deeeeep to left and GONE! 9-4 Nationals. Hermida K’s swinging over a slider. Luis Gonzalez strikes out swinging!! Nationals win. 9-4 final. 


Nationals now 58-98. (Countdown To 100 Losses Stays At...2.)