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The Washington Nationals And The MLB Hot Stove...Week Ending Edition...

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More Anecdotal Evidence of The A's Interest In Nick Johnson...

On the MLB Network's Hot Stove show, MLB Insider Tom Verducci (paraphrasing here) claimed that Oakland had Bobby Abreu and Nick Johnson on their radar, especially if the Nationals signed Adam Dunn, and Mr. Verducci states that A's GM Billy Beane has been interested in Johnson since he was a Yankees' prospect...

Rosenthal Thinks Hudson Could End Up In DC...

As I mentioned in the twitter feed earlier this week,'s Ken Rosenthal told XM's Charley Steiner on Mr. Steiner's show "The Beat", that he believed Orlando Hudson was still a free agent because teams were worried about his surgically repaired left wrist, and in Ken Rosenthal's most recent post entitled, "Why aren't teams calling for Hudson", he starts by writing that, "The Nationals, White Sox and Giants all have needs at second base, whether they admit to them or not," then continues to report that Hudson wants a multi-year deal but would accept less to play with one of the NY teams, "but...," Mr. Rosenthal writes, "...Hudson could land with another team — most likely, the Nationals — if his market in New York fails to develop."

(ed. note - "Another possibility at 2nd for DC, Anderson Hernandez was 0 for 4 for the Tigres del Licey today, but Licey won anyway, more DWL news later...")

(another ed. note - "Before moving on from Mr. Rosenthal's article...He also mentions the Nationals as a team in need of pitching while writing about Oliver Perez still remaining on the market, though no connection is drawn.")

(and one more ed. note - "It appears that Charley Steiner's show "The Beat" on XM is no more...What am I gonna do from 1-3:00 pm from now on?...It was my favorite show on the radio...well, maybe second behind the greatest show on the radio, NPR's afternoon radio will never be the same, Mr. Steiner.")

Bad News For The, "What Happens If Nick Johnson Gets Hurt? Do We Go With Belliard?" Crowd...

In's Bill Ladson's article, "Holes could be filled in-house by Nats", after offering Anderson Hernandez as a reasonable option at second for DC, Mr. Ladson writes that unless the Nationals are able to sign or trade for a first baseman, they'll be forced to go with Nick Johnson and in Mr. Ladson's words, "...Washington simply has to cross its fingers and hope that Johnson doesn't get hurt,"...but if he does get hurt, Mr. Ladson believes, "... the Nationals most likely will turn to Belliard or Josh Willingham." Is that better or worse than having Aaron Boone play first all season? And is everyone just writing DY off? He's an expensive player to have in the Minors?

The Kids Call Him Zim!! The Kids Call Him Zim!!! To Quote Teddy KGB From The Movie "Rounders", "Pyay thyat myan hyis myoney!!"

Last year the Nationals took the easy way out and resigned Ryan Zimmerman for one year and $465,000 when they couldn't reach a long-term deal with "The Face of the Franchise", but this time around it's going to arbitration, as's Bill Ladson reports, in an article entitled, "Zimmerman files for arbitration", the first step in the process starts this week, as, in Mr. Ladson's words, "The Nationals are expected to exchange salary figures...on Tuesday."

Around this time last season, I wrote two articles about whether or not Washington could get a long-term deal done with Zimmerman, which could make for some nice weekend reading:

1/26/08 What Kind of Contract Will Ryan Zimmerman Get From The Nationals?

2/25/08 The Kids Call Him Zim!! The Nationals Call Him Tulowitzki!! How Does Ryan Zimmerman See Himself!!

The Nationals haven't signed a free agent of any major significance this offseason, (Sorry, Daniel "The Project" Cabrera), and though they'll be going to arbitration with three other players in addition to Ryan Zimmerman, (Scott Olsen, Josh Willingham and Shawn Hill), it's about time they get something right this offseason and show the DC fans they're serious about building around their young third baseman? How much and how many? What will it take to get Ryan Zimmerman locked up in the nation's capital? 


The Tigres del Licey, with their roster full of Nationals, are on the way to the Dominican Winter League's Championship Series after their 2-1 win today against the Gigantes del Cibao, which was mostly the work of Angels' and Tigres' infielder Erick Aybar, who, according to the article entitled, "Aybar, Tigres secure spot in finals", "...homered in the third inning, then slapped a walk-off single in the ninth." Anderson Hernandez, as I mentioned earlier, was 0 for 4 to lower his AVG to .311...Jesus Flores, starting behind the plate again, was 0 for 3...Ronnie Belliard? Belliard was 2 for 4 with a double and a run scored, as the Nationals' "backup infielder" hit a two-out single in the bottom of the ninth, moved to second on a single by the Marlins' Emilio Bonifacio and scored when Aybar singled to right to win it.

Three cheers for Belliard!!

Down with sensational Dukes news...

(ed. note - "Hey HERE to join the W.A.R effort...")