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Washington Nationals In The World Baseball Classic, And Stephen Strasburg On Our Minds...


I was speaking somewhat hyperbolically yesterday when I wrote that, "...all eyes in the DC baseball world," had turned toward an article out of San Diego, California and the San Diego Union-Tribune, where Staff Writer Tom Krasovic, in an article entitled, "Aztecs pitching ace Strasburg may top the Padres' wish list this June," argued for the Padres, (who hold the 3rd pick), taking an aggressive approach in recruiting the projected #1 overall pick in the 2009 MLB Draft, San Diego's own Stephen Strasburg, who'll pitch for San Diego State University for one more year before he's drafted this June...But apparently Washington Post sports writer Dave Sheinin took his colleague Washington Post sports writer Tracee Hamilton's post yesterday at the Nationals Journal entitled, "This and That [Update]" (which linked to the San Diego Union-Tribune article about the Nationals' #1 overall pick) seriously enough to offer his own opinion on the situation this morning in a post entitled simply, "Strasburg", where Mr. Sheinin writes:

"Just to be clear: As we stand here today, nearly six months away from the draft, Strasburg remains the top name on the Nationals' draft board. When I asked a team official about this recently, I was told they consider Strasburg by far the best player in the nation..."

...Mr. Strasburg is going to find himself in one enviable position if the Washington Nationals do select him number one overall next June. The Nationals' Front Office, as Mr. Sheinin writes, (and several of you here commented), "...understand the fan revolt that would occur if they fail to get the draftee signed,", but so does Scott "Maximum" Boras, Strasburg's agent, who, in spite of whatever good will resulted from the "Te - - - ira" negotiations with DC, is in a position to change the rules about what a #1 overall pick can ask for with Strasburg, and subsequently with every top pitching prospect in the nation that follows...Are the Nationals up for a game-changer?

(ed. note - "...And while we've got a moment here, I'd just like to point something out...Another episode of "The Possessive Apostrophe Question"

(..."(Aztecs) pitching ace Strasburg may top the (Padres') wish list this June,"...? What is the difference here? Someone help? I don't want to have to pull out old grammar books...")

Washington Nationals in the WBC...

Provisional rosters for the Second World Baseball Classic were released this evening. Competing for the Puerto Rican entry in the World Baseball Classic will be Washington Nationals' reliever Saul "Sa-ool" Rivera and outfielder Jorge Padilla, who was one of 13 players to sign Minor League deals with DC back on 12/13/08, (as reported in's Bill Ladson's article entitled, "Nationals sign 13 to Minors deals".) 

Roger Bernadina and Shairon Martis will be representing the Netherlands. Recently- signed starter Daniel Cabrera will be pitching for the Dominican Republic's powerhouse entry in the WBC, while infielder Jose Castillo, who signed with Washington in late September, will suit up for Venezuela...and finally, a favorite, Pinch Hittin' Pete Orr will don some variation of the Maple Leaf as he steps up for his home country, Canada...

I was unfortunately watching during the Inaugural World Baseball Classic when then-Nationals' reliever Luis Ayala threw out his arm, and I cringed watching him realize what he'd done. It could be argued that Ayala's never been the same since, and if you ask my brother, Scout, Braves Fan And Source For All Things Baseball he'll tell you it was the Frank Robinson Regime who overused all DC's arms, but let's hope no one anywhere gets hurt participating in this year's edition...and I can't wait to watch Bernadina patrolling the outfield for the Netherlands...Maybe he'll be playing center since our old NL East rival, the former-Brave and current free agent, Andruw Jones' name isn't listed on their roster? Actually the Netherlands is gonna have nasty NL East-heavy pitching with DC's Martis, ATL starter Jair Jurrjens and Marlins' righty Rick VandenHurk...They might be my sleeper.

-- Where do you all stand on the WBC? Are you going to go out of your way to watch/follow the Nationals' players who will be involved? Is there anyone from Washington you don't want to see competing? regular, LOUtheMETSfan, has his projected roster up in a Fanshot entitled, "WBC Roster released! Let's see your lineup for Team USA!"...Who starts for the Red, White and Blue if you're Team USA Skipper Davey Johnson?

(ed. note - "I hate to do this to you, LOU, but I'm calling you out...David Wright over Chipper Jones at third? C'mon? Just cause the Gold Glove folks got it wrong doesn't mean you have to perpetuate this kind of thinking? Someone back me up? Or are you with Lou?")