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Washington Nationals Rumor-Mill: Monday Edition...Roy Clark, Tony La Russa And Some Olbermann Guy.

•'s Atlanta Braves writer Mark Bowman's reporting, in a blog post entitled, "Clark To Interview With The Nationals", that the Washington Nationals are in fact meeting with the Braves' Director of Scouting Roy Clark on Monday, with Mr. Bowman writing that Mr. Clark is, "...expected to be interviewing to gain a similar role," to that which he's held with Atlanta,"...that would also provide him the tag of being an assistant general manager." Oddly enough, Mr. Bowman also writes that rumors had Roy Clark going to San Diego, "...if Jerry DiPoto," who was reportedly in the running for the Nationals' GM post before Mike Rizzo was promoted to full-time status, "...was cleared to leave the Diamondbacks and become San Diego's general manager." Mind you, he's just interviewing with Washington, but the fact that Stan Kasten supposedly tried to bring him aboard before certainly makes it something to watch for...that, uh, is, I guess, if you're interested in who will become the Asst. GM and Scouting Director...?


• Tony La Russa? DC? Nahhh...

• Babe Ruth Footage Mystery Solved By...Keith Olbermann? 

I would file this one under, "Don't Get Your Hopes Up", but since's Buster Olney went there in a recent blog post entitled, "La Russa may be leaving St. Louis", I thought I'd at least mention it...What if Tony La Russa and maybe even Cards' pitching coach Dave Duncan were to sign with Washington? "The team needs someone who can inspire a discouraged fan base," Mr. Olney writes, "...and the hiring of La Russa and Duncan would give the Nationals an immediate makeover." All they'd have to do is give La Russa and Duncan a deal that would have to be, "...the highest dollars given to a manager and/or pitching coach," and, and this is the part where he loses me, " willing to ramp up the payroll." Mr. Olney also examines the possibility of La Russa going to the Houston Astros, the New York Mets, Toronto Blue Jays and Cincinnati Reds...

• In case you somehow missed this, the NY Times recently posted rare unseen footage of Babe Ruth at the plate and in right field in an article by New York Times' writerJohn Branch entitled, "Babe Ruth Like You've Never Seen Him Before", but as of yet, archivists and fans have been unable to pin down exactly when the game took place. Former ESPN anchor man and talk radio host, Keith Olbermann,  (what? does he have another job?) thinks he's solved the mystery already, writing at his MLB Pro Blog, "Baseball Nerd" about breaking the footage down and trying to determine when the game took place in an article entitled, "Babe Ruth Film, September 9, 1928".